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How much does it cost for UAE expats to plan a marriage in Georgia?

A marriage in Georgia for UAE Expats offers several opportunities for couples. If they look for Georgia for marriage, expats from Dubai stand to gain significantly. The UAE expats have the option of getting married in Georgia. The fact that a Georgian wedding is inexpensive will please Emiratis. To be married in the emirates, a couple must complete many requirements. With Georgia, this is different. This post will list the main advantages of getting married in Georgia so that you may comprehend the factors that make it an excellent place for weddings.

Georgia has been ranked among the top nations for foreigners to get married to for several years. Of course, the wedding with a mountain view in background or in the traditional Georgian manner with dances, music, and a toastmaster draws in many tourists. But in reality, there are a few somewhat different reasons why foreigners want to get married in Georgia.

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Why Georgia is it so familiar for UAE expats to plan a marriage in Georgia?

Georgia stands out as a fantastic wedding location for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the scenic vistas that Georgia provides its tourists provide the ideal atmosphere for a wedding celebration. For the reasons listed below, UAE expats plan for marriage in Georgia:

  • Less Legal paperwork is required:

Residents of the UAE do not need to be concerned about their certificates being recognized in their native country. They should inform the national embassy of the procedure. The embassy will then approve the certificate. In addition to the previously mentioned elements, a wedding in Georgia is not costly. The couple can work within their means to have the wedding they want.

  • Background Legal Information for Georgian Marriage Registration

The registration process for marriages won’t require a lot of time or effort. The prospective couple should be of legal age. The final divorce decree is necessary if one of the spouses has already filed for divorce. Our marriage lawyer is prepared to help with all the required paperwork and document flows and make additional preparations like a party, a church ceremony, lodging for the loving couple and their guests in the area, etc.

  • Simple marriage procedure in Georgia

Noteworthy is the absence of visa requirements for residents of Dubai and other cities and municipalities in the UAE. The process of formal registration is made more accessible by this fact. Additionally, a couple is permitted to reside in Tbilisi, Gudauri, or any other Georgian location for up to a year after marriage.

Set the wedding date first and let us know so we can begin the preparations. Additionally, choose the bundle you require for your event. We may provide you with a simple church wedding that includes the ceremony officiated by a Georgian priest and the necessary official paperwork.

There is still one more thing to consider: the formal wedding ceremony and legalizing a marriage certificate in the UAE. It includes:

  1. The Justice House in Tbilisi organizes marriage registration following customs;
  2. Translation and Notarization of the couple’s passports;
  3. Submission of a registration application;
  4. The documents’ translation and Notarization;
  5. Sending your marriage license through the mail.

Additionally, our clients may rely on our marriage lawyers to help them at any point during their wedding planning. We arrange witnesses and transport them to the designated registration location. Our marriage lawyers focus on streamlined paperwork and stress-free planning of the most significant event in your life.

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The Best Locations for marriage in Georgia for UAE expats

Depending on the needs of the bride and groom from the United Arab Emirates, any potential sites may be chosen. As an illustration, these are the most significant locations for marriage in Georgia for UAE Expats:

  1. Tbilisi 

Georgia’s national capital. You may attempt a picture shoot at the famed Gallery 27 or adjacent to the fascinating Leaning Clock Tower, hold a religious event at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, or take a break at the London Hotel or Kalantarov House.

  1. kakheti

The village with stunning views of the wine area. You can decide to have the supper somewhere, such as in the Alazan Valley, or you might choose another chateau for the ceremony. Georgian friendliness and delicious food and beverages are assured!

  1. Batumi

It is situated along the Black Sea. Enjoy the odd architecture, cool breezes, and outstanding seafood dishes. Plan your honeymoon trip in the beautiful Adjara region while staying at the Kartuli hotel and dining at renowned establishments.

  1. The Sighnaghi

It is regarded as one of the loveliest cities. Therefore, if you want to plan your wedding somewhere with a stunning landscape and a unique ambience, this is your best option. You can travel to the Caucasus’ tallest mountains as part of your honeymoon itinerary.

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How may Dubai Court Marriage assist you?

After reading thus far, you’ve probably realized why getting a marriage certificate in Georgia is essential. Consult our competent team of marriage lawyers at Dubai Court Marriage for more information if you have questions about whether UAE expats may be married in Georgia. They will provide you with more details.

Hazim Darwish Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Hazim Darwish also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators.