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Getting Married in UAE as a Non-Muslim: Step-by-Step Process

Getting Married Online in UAE: A Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Married Online in UAE

Couples wishing to tie the knot can now do so conveniently in the UAE, thanks to the introduction of remote wedding services. This modern approach requires the submission of specific documents and adherence to certain criteria. The UAE courts have simplified the matrimonial process, enabling couples to say their vows remotely. Dubai Laws, since October … Read more

Legal shed light on illegal pregnancy for non-Muslims in UAE Law

Legal shed light

With the presence of more than 200 international nationalities with their diversity and diversity in terms of personal beliefs towards life, the Emirati legislator will have many tasks hanging over his shoulders. On the one hand, preserving the identity of the Arab-Islamic state of the Emirates, and on the other hand, the necessity of openness … Read more

How to Plan the Perfect Proposal: 5 Expert Tips for Engagement Season

5 Expert Tips to Plan Perfect Proposal for Engagement Season

Engagement season is the time of the year when most couples decide to take the next step in their relationship and get engaged. It usually spans from late November to February, coinciding with festive holidays and romantic atmospheres. If you are planning to pop the question or anticipating someone else’s proposal, you may want to … Read more

Requirements for Civil Marriage in Abu Dhabi Court

court marriage in abu dhabi

Couples in the UAE, particularly in Abu Dhabi, can legalize or formalize their relationship by undergoing a court marriage in the Abu Dhabi Court. A court marriage allows a couple to establish a civil partnership as their legal designation. The two individuals marrying in the Abu Dhabi Court must meet certain conditions, including not being … Read more