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how to attest marriage certificate for UAE

How to Attest Marriage Certificate for UAE

The purpose of the process of attestation or authentication for marriage certificates for use in UAE is to provide proof of authenticity of official signatures on the documents. The marriage certification attestation for UAE will also verify the capacity of the signatories of the documents, as well as the identity of seals or stamps that are affixed on the certificates. 

How to Authenticate a Marriage Certificate in UAE 

Here are the steps involved in authenticating or legalizing a marriage certificate that will be used in UAE:

  1. Compile the authentication requirements
  2. Reach out to an attestation firm based in UAE
  3. Submit the documents to your chosen firm
  4. Wait for the processing of your document
  5. Claim the authenticated document

Find below detail of steps involved in legalizing a marriage certificate:

Step 1: Compile the authentication requirements

The first step to obtain attestation for your marriage certificate is ensuring you already possess the requirements. The requirements can differ, depending on the issuing country and language used in a marriage certificate. However, the general documentation required by most state departments including the UAE embassy and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs are as follows:

  • Valid ID issued by a government entity – what is recommended is to present both the passport and residency visa of each of the contracting parties to a marriage (original and two photocopies) 
  • Marriage certificate to be authenticated – the marriage certificate must be one that’s issued by a competent authority. If there are certain words or entries on the marriage certificate that are unreadable, they have to be re-issued by the national authority 
  • Authorization letter for marriage certificate attestation – the authorization letter will be necessary if you are contracting a third party to process the marriage certificate attestation. Outsourcing the task of legalizing documents can help ensure the process is done correctly and completed sooner. Note: although not necessary, it is best to submit a notarized authorization letter as it can help ensure there is no delay in the attestation process.
  • Duly completed application form for marriage certificate attestation 

Step 2:  Reach out to an attestation firm based in UAE

Once you’ve compiled the requirements, proceed to your trusted attestation service provider that is based in your local area. Make sure you arrive during the office hours. Set an appointment, so you won’t have to queue up. A company offering attestation service in UAE for marriage certificates can provide you with the application forms to be duly filled for submission with the state departments of your home country and in UAE. 

Step 3: Submit the documents to your chosen firm

Submit the duly accomplished application form of the different state departments that need to attest your marriage certificate along with the other requirements. Pay as well the processing fee for the entire authentication process. Most reputable service providers based in UAE will ask a one-time payment for the processing of your legal document with several government departments. When you pay the fee and submit the requirements, make sure that the service provider will provide you of a guarantee for the service. Also confirm that there will be no hidden charges. Keep copies of the official receipt from the attestation firm. 

Step 4: Wait for the processing of your document

There are four main state departments that will have to verify your marriage certificate. They are as follows:

  • National authority of the document’s issuing country 
  • UAE embassy or consulate based in the document’s issuing country 
  • UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

The whole process can reach up to eight weeks to complete. 

Step 5: Claim the authenticated document

You will get an update on the release schedule of your authenticated marriage certificate. Present to the attestation service provider the official receipt that was issued to you following payment processing. It’s best if you present your valid and/or a special (POA) power of attorney. A power of attorney is necessary if you are claiming the attested document on behalf of another person. 

Upon receiving the legalized/attested marriage certificate, double check for errors or inaccuracy prior to leaving the premises of the service provider. 

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Points to Remember on Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE  

  • Personal appearance is not required by the different state departments for document attestation. However, an authorization letter is necessary if you’re not processing a certificate’s attestation yourself.
  • Attestation fee can differ, depending on the state department that is involved with the process. It is best to consult with a service provider for a more detailed quote. 
  • Attestation of a marriage certificate for use in UAE is necessary as local authorities won’t regard a document as legal and valid without the attestation stamps/seals.
  • If a marriage certificate was issued in the UAE or locally, there is no need for attestation, most especially if the document will be used locally. 

It is true that the process of marriage certificate legalization is complicated and time-consuming. Fortunately, it is possible to accomplish the whole authentication procedure with the help of experts. If you want to know more about how to attest a marriage certificate, call us here in Dubai Court Marriage today!

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