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A Guide to Correct Parents’ Date of Marriage in Birth Certificate

It can be frustrating to have to go through a complicated process just to correct the date of your parents’ marriage. However, it’s important for birth certificates to contain only the right information as they’re unmatched by all other types of government-issued documents. They are also important to show proof that you’re a legitimate child of your parents. In addition, a birth certificate is one of the critical requirements for court marriage in Dubai, school enrollment, and job applications. 

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How to make correction of date of marriage of parents in birth certificate in UAE

There are three main steps involved for making any birth certificate correction. They are as follows: 

  • Find out all the corrections that need to be made

Correcting birth certificates used to be even more complicated as they would need to be attached with a court order prior to any correction being applied. Fortunately, there are recent amendments in different countries’ legislation which made it easier for applicants to process a couple of corrections without having to undergo a court proceeding. However, for marriage date of parents, they can only be corrected through the court’s involvement. 

There are two different types of corrections for birth certificates: 

Judicial correction 

As mentioned earlier, marriage date of parents can be corrected but only upon the consideration and approval of the proper courts. Other corrections for birth certificates that are substantial will also fall under this category. This is especially the case if the change or correction will have a profound bearing onto the inheritance or legal rights of the applicant. 

These are the corrections that require judicial proceedings:

  • Changing the date of the parents’ marriage 
  • Change in nationality or citizenship 
  • Wrong birth year or year of birth 
  • Name change 
  • Changing the incorrect middle names of the child and the mother 
  • Substantial changes to be done to the names of the parents (father, mother or both) 

 Administrative Correction 

Birth certificates, most especially in developing countries, are written, transcribed, and copied by real humans and not machines. It is not unusual at all for people to commit typographical or clerical errors during the process of making birth certificates. 

Examples include an incorrect gender, date of birth, and the spelling of a name. Mistakes such as these can be harmless as they were made unintentionally or without any goal of forging a document. Although birth certificates that contain these errors can cause delays to what it is that you are applying for, there’s a silver lining – they are a lot easier to fix. 

Take note: there is no need for you to go through court proceedings to make the corrections. A petition may be filed in order to administratively correct errors. Your local civil registry or civil registry office from your home country can process an error after thorough evaluation of your petition. 

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The different kinds of birth certificate corrections which are under this category are as follows:

  • Change of name – first name used by the applicant is different from what’s on the birth certificate; first name on birth certificate shows “Girl,” “Boy,” or “Baby Girl/Boy.” 
  • Incorrect month or day of birth or gender – the wrong gender has been added or the month or day of birth is wrong 
  • Clerical error – this can be a blurred name; incorrect last name of the mother while the certificate holder’s middle name appears to be correct; wrong spelling of name; middle initial was entered rather than the full surname; the middle and the last name need to be interchanged; or middle name of the certificate holder is incorrect while the last name of the mother is correct
  • A supplemental report – there is no first, middle or last name (for a legitimate child); there is no middle name (for an illegitimate child but acknowledged by the biological father); the first name that’s on the applicant’s birth certificate was labeled as “Boy,” “Girl,” or “Baby Girl/Boy;” or there is a missing name suffix
  • Prepare the requirements 

The requirements to make a judicial correction are also more substantial in comparison to the administrative corrections. Should you need to make a judicial correction, secure the following:

  • Documents – paperwork that contain entries or information pertinent to your particular case. Documentary requirements you have to submit will depend on a correction that you are requesting. A marriage attorney in Dubai can help you identify the documents that will help you build a strong petition. Your application will be subjected to evaluation by a judge as soon as the case is filed with the appropriate courts. 
  • Fees – the fees you will have to pay are for court processing which include notarization, photocopying, postage, and the initial filing. You will also have to pay additional fees such as lawyer’s professional fees, pleading fees, court appearance fees, and newspaper fees for the publication requirement. 
  • File the petition 

Complete the requirements with the help of a marriage attorney in Dubai. Make sure to choose a legal professional that is experienced in drafting relevant petitions. Court proceedings can occur even when the owner of the document is abroad. 

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