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Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificate is among the most important types of documents needed when relocating or migrating to another country as a married couple or family. They’re issued by a state authority, providing proof that a couple is legally married. At Dubai Court Marriage, we help couples and families apply for their tourist/residency visas through marriage certificate attestation.

Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

With over three decades of experience in offering services such as marriage certificate attestation for UAE, our specialists are more than capable of providing you with expert assistance! The steps undertaken by our team of attestation experts to attest or legalize a marriage certificate Dubai and the rest of the UAE are as follows:

1. Verify information on the submitted document

It is important to ensure that the names on the marriage license submitted to our team are the same as the names that are on the passports. If there are slight differences or even the smallest errors, the government of the United Arab Emirates will treat the- document as fake or invalid. This is one of the primary reasons why information verification shouldn’t be skipped when processing marriage certificate attestation in Dubai.

2. Translation of the document

If the document submitted is in another language besides Arabic, the entire document has to be translated by an official translator accredited by local authorities. Our team will make sure as well that the spellings for translated names are the same as what are in the passports of the applicants.

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Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE requirements  

The primary documents required to initiate the process of attesting and legalizing a marriage certificate for visa purposes are as follows:

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Husband and wife’s passports, original and copies
  • Authorization letter for marriage certificate attestation

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Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Why Choose Us for UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation in Dubai

Based in Dubai and with experts seasoned in acquiring the approval of different state departments for attestation, Dubai Court Marriage has a distinct and strategic advantage. We also have partners across the globe, providing us the ability in taking good care of your documents, offering you privacy aside from document security, and the guarantee of a speedy and timely service.

On top of that, our attestation services help save marriage certificate legalization costs! You may not be knowledgeable of how to attest marriage certificate in UAE or even get marriage certificate while in UAE. The tedious task of spending hours to days learning how to attest marriage certificate for UAE visa will be eliminated completely! You also will save on taxi costs, petrol costs, parking charges, as well as other unforeseen costs for traveling and processing of the document.

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