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Our marriage lawyers in Dubai provide assessment for eligibility, assistance for marriage license application process,
marriage certificate authentication, and more.

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Successful Cases


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Dubai Court Marriage

Dubai court marriage is possible for residents of Dubai, regardless of their backgrounds, nationalities, or religion. The Dubai Court’s Marriage Section is the official entity that is responsible for the issuance of marriage certificates in the Emirate. Also, for Muslims, marriage ceremonies can conducted at the Sharia Court or at home with an authorized religious clerk.

Because court marriage in Dubai can involve a complicated and tedious process, we have clients come to us for legal advice and assistance. Our team here in HHS Lawyers has been known throughout the country as the leading experts when it comes to marriage in UAE and court marriage without witness. However, We work hard in providing couples who wish to undergo marriage in Dubai on visit visa or register marriage in Dubai with peace of mind from knowing that they are successfully wed with little to no hassle on their end. We work tirelessly in making sure your relationship status is changed and updated with government authorities.

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court marriage in Dubai

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Court Marriage in Dubai?

Our team of seasoned lawyers specializing in Dubai marriage or getting married in Dubai is the premier source of most couples for their court marriage needs. However, our clients turn to us mainly for the following reasons:

  • We’ve been in the industry and sector of law not only for years but decades! We have the experience that’s necessary in guiding you and providing you with accurate information on how to get married in Dubai for Filipino and Indian or for any nationality.
  • Our team of skilled marriage lawyers in Dubai is highly proficient when it comes to family law and will be ready to provide you with everything you need from drafting of prenuptial agreements up to processing the marriage license with the proper authorities.
  • We’ve worked with thousands of couples, through the years, and they’re happily living in Dubai or anywhere in the country without any worry regarding their marriage status. Our attorneys know exactly the ways in navigating correctly and quickly immigration and family law in UAE.

Dubai court marriage-Requirements for marriage in Dubai Court

Requirements for Marriage in Dubai Court

Our team dedicated to help clients with processing of Dubai court marriage contract provide advice to couples on whether they meet the preconditions that have been set by the authorities. Preconditions which have to  considered are as follows:

Preconditions for Court Marriage in Dubai

  • The approval of the guardian of the bride has secured prior to the wedding ceremony. If the father of the bride is absent, then the closest male next of kin will be consider as the guardian. In certain cases that both are absent. A cleric sheikh himself can assume as the role of the guardian of the bride.
  • The couple needs to be residents in UAE. In the event that official recognition documents which prove valid residency or nationality are not available, courts can decline the marriage in Dubai.

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 Marriage Lawyers in Dubai - court marriage in Dubai

Marriage Lawyers in Dubai 

Take note: the requirements and process on how to get married in Dubai can differ depending on the nationality, citizenship, and/or religion. This is one of the reasons why it is best to consult with marriage lawyers in Dubai. Also, You will need a team of lawyers that specialize in marriage, family and immigration law which you can count on.  As your trusted advisor for the joyous occasion, we’ll do everything possible so you have less to worry about and more to celebrate, especially for your union as husband and wife.

Should you wish to talk to our team of experts, call us here in HHS Lawyers!

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