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Marriage in GCC for Saudi expats

For most couples, their wedding day is a dream come true. Living in a The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nation may make it difficult for expats to arrange a simple wedding. Due to the complicated and drawn-out marriage laws in GCC nations, many Saudi expat couples decide to wed abroad. Georgia or Seychelles make for wedding locations since they are accessible and economical. An online wedding is a fast option to start a new chapter of your life with your spouse if you can’t afford to go.

Requirements for marriage in GCC for Saudi expats

You may find it more convenient to be married outside of the GCC, as Sharia Law is the law of the GCC. It can be your most incredible option if your significant other practices a different faith. Due to their tolerant regulations, nations like Georgia or Seychelles are recommended for marriage registration. Once you have a valid marriage certificate, you may continue registering your marriage in GCC. If you do not go that way, you may choose to register your marriage with your respective embassies.

United Arab Emirates new Civil marriage laws

Abu Dhabi is more permissive to the marriage of persons of different countries. In addition, non-Muslims may wed in a non-Muslim court under the new marriage laws. Consequently, many GCC expat couples go to Abu Dhabi to be married.

Requirements for legal documents for Civil marriage in the UAE:

  1. Acceptance or agreement of the bride (formal).
  2. In Dubai, at least one of the contracting parties—the bride, the groom, or the bride’s guardian—must possess a UAE residency visa.
  3. Both parties need to hold UAE residency visas for other emirates.
  4. A valid pre-marital medical screening certificate is required throughout all Emirates for couples to get married. The UAE-licensed public healthcare institutions must issue the certificate.

What are the prerequisites for civil marriage in the UAE?

The following requirements must be satisfied for the marriage application to be approved: –

  • Both parties must give their approval.
  • There must be a minimum age of 18 for both parties.
  • The parties must not be first- or second-degree relatives.
  • The parties cannot already be married to someone else.

Who is eligible to marry under the laws governing civil marriage in the UAE ?

Other than UAE citizens, anybody may apply for a civil marriage.

Is it necessary to be a resident of the united Arab emirates to be married?

  1. You don’t have to live in the United Arab Emirates to apply for a civil marriage.
  2. No matter where they reside, tourists are urged to get married in a civil ceremony.
  3. Through the internet portal, you can apply from anywhere around the globe.

Please be aware that you must go to Abu Dhabi for the civil marriage ceremony after submitting your application and paying the court cost.

What be the supporting documents provided with the application?

  1. Passport copies for both parties
  2. Emirates ID copy for both parties (if applicable)
  3. Evidence that a prior marriage has been dissolved if you were previously married (e.g. divorce judgment or death certificate).

What is the duration of the procedure?

  1. It may take up to 10 working days after the application has been submitted for the registration staff to approve it.
  2. Within five working days of the application being granted and the money being paid, the court shall contact the applicant through email or phone.
  3. Depending on the court’s availability, the applicant’s desired day and time will be used to schedule the marriage ceremony appointment.
  4. After the ceremony, a marriage certificate will be given out.

How may marriage lawyers at Dubai court marriage assist you?

You may always select a hassle-free wedding at your preferred embassy if you and your spouse are of the same country and religion. It may not be feasible, however, if you have different nationalities. The ideal places to go under these circumstances are Abu Dhabi, Georgia, or even the Seychelles. No hard and fast rule on which location would be perfect until we analyze your wedding scenario. If you’re interested in learning more about whether you qualify for a civil marriage in the UAE, feel free to contact our team of Marriage Lawyers.

You may always select a hassle-free wedding at your preferred embassy if you and your spouse are of the same country and religion. However, this is impossible if you and your partner are from separate countries. In these circumstances, your best option could be to go to Abu Dhabi, Georgia, or Seychelles. There isn’t a set formula for the best location until we examine your specific wedding circumstances.

Feel free to contact our Marriage Lawyers team if you have questions about whether you qualify for a civil marriage in Dubai.

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