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Civil Marriage – What impact do new laws have on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi government recently introduced new civil laws related to marriage, no-fault divorce, joint child custody, and inheritance for non-Muslim expats in the county. These new laws have eased out the life of expats hence making UAE their destination of choice when it comes to finding their dream job and getting married. In this article, we will be discussing what effect new laws have on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi. How can expats get married in the UAE as per the latest rules and regulations and also how their marriages can be registered in the Dubai Court marriage?

What do new laws on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi say?

The government of Abu Dhabi issued new civil laws for the marriage of non-Muslims in the country. Under this new civil marriage scheme, the expats, tourists, and non-residents of the country are allowed to marry in Abu Dhabi. The new law regulates the family matters of expats and allows tourist visa holders a chance to obtain a marriage certificate.

The law is based on secular rules instead of the previous Sharia laws. Tourists and expats can now get married in Abu Dhabi regardless of their religion or faith as long as Sharia law is not applicable in their home countries as well.

So, what are the key changes to the family laws in Abu Dhabi?

There were several announcements and changes that were introduced at the end of 2021. These new laws along with the new provisions like extended visas, make the life of expatriates much more appealing and hence are giving rise to more and more international investments, tourism, and long-term residencies. The major impact the new laws have on expat marriages in Abu Dhabi are discussed below-

  1. Non-Muslim tourists and expats can now get married in Abu Dhabi irrespective of their religion.
  2. The bride and groom do not necessarily be residents in Abu Dhabi or in the UAE for them to get married in Abu Dhabi.
  3. Tourists can apply online for civil marriage in Abu Dhabi from outside UAE as well by submitting the online application form and scheduling the ceremonies to come to Abu Dhabi and then sign their marriage certificate.
  4. The law also respects the concept of civil marriages based on the free will of the couple. This means that no consent from the women’s family is required.

These are only a few changes that have been brought about by the Abu Dhabi Family law and cover the important aspects related to marriage. Apart from this many more changes have been implemented and hence the life of expats in Abu Dhabi is now smooth when it comes to getting married in the country. Since the latest amendment in the new family law has been extensive and covers almost all the major aspects that an expat might be looking for, it has changed their lives completely and now they can feel relaxed when it comes to family issues.

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The effect of changes in Abu Dhabi Family Law on expats marriages in Abu Dhabi 

The changes in the Abu Dhabi Family law has affected the life of expats in a very positive way. They can find a job and get settled in the UAE easily. Some of the positive effects are listed below-

  1. Abu Dhabi has secured a position of being called an international city and hence gives ground to attract global talent.
  2. Similar steps might be taken by the other gulf countries as well as the neighboring emirates hence leading to the overall growth of UAE as an international hub for the talents across the world.
  3. For the expats, it is a golden opportunity to settle down and get married. Getting married in the UAE is preferable due to safety reasons as well as the warm climate that prevails in the country.

Abu Dhabi is considered one of the safest cities in the world. After the implementation of this new civil law, Abu Dhabi is offering a legal solution to couples who are not able to get married elsewhere. In addition to enjoying the high-end restaurants and shopping malls and warm turquoise beaches, one can also tie the knot in Abu Dhabi without having to worry about any bureaucracy and religious restrictions. The Abu Dhabi marriage courts have already started receiving applications from the expats staying in other emirates as well as from people from outside the UAE who are willing to get married in Abu Dhabi.

How to register your marriage at Dubai Court Marriage?

Considering the things that we have discussed above, the marriage of expats in Abu Dhabi has been simplified to a large extent. However, one must not ignore the paperwork that is involved in the same. We at Dubai Court marriage ensure you that our team and experts will never leave a stone unturned in getting your marriage formalities completed in the UAE. You can call us at +97142555496 or email us at and one of our staff will surely get in touch with you to sort out all your queries related to the marriage and we will also assist you in obtaining a marriage certificate in Abu Dhabi.

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