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Marriage Requirements in Dubai for Tourists

Muslim tourists can marry in Dubai if at least one partner have residence visa. Muslim marriages for tourists in Dubai are performed at the Dubai Court. If you’re a Muslim and you’ll be marrying a non-Muslim, your partner first needs to convert to Islam in order to proceed with court marriage in Dubai.

There are also other conditions that you should meet in order to qualify for court marriage in Dubai as a tourist.

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Requirements for marriage in Dubai:

  • The female must possess written permission from her guardian;
  • To get married in Dubai court at least one partner must have residence visa;
  • Religious practices must have been agreed upon and completed;
  • The couple and their representatives must be in attendance during the court marriage;
  • There must be two male witnesses;
  • The couple must be in agreement with the terms for court marriage

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Marriages in Dubai

  • Polygamy – Under Sharia Law, Muslim men are allowed to have a maximum of four wives, provided that the men are able to prove they can handle their wives equally financially.
  • Consensual union – this is not recognized in Sharia Law. This means it is not recognized as well by authorities.
  • Age for court marriage – The UAE Ministry of Justice has issued an order for marriages with individuals that are below eighteen years old to be referred to special courts. There’s no official ban for child marriages, but there has to be approval of the judge before a couple can proceed.

Take note: tourists, regardless of religion and nationality, can get married in Ajman Court.

Why Tourists Choose to Conduct Court Marriage in UAE

How to get married in Dubai? As you’re reading this article, we know that you are taking court marriage in UAE into consideration. Here are some of the best reasons why a lot of couples choose to marry in Dubai:

  • Money savings – do an extravagant ceremony feel too overwhelming not only to your schedule but your wallet as well? If so, then you are not in a unique position! A lot of couples choose to getting married in Dubai Court as it’s among the shrewdest decisions that they can make financially. After all, elaborate weddings are not the only ways to be celebrating a huge and memorable day. With court marriage in Dubai, a couple can officially tie the knot and have a Dubai marriage license issued to them.
  • Less stress, more relaxation – more often than not, planning a huge wedding ceremony and reception with an extensive list of guests can be overwhelming. This is especially so if the couple feels the need in pleasing all those who will attend. With a court marriage in Dubai, a few relatives, friends, and family members can be invited. After the session with the marriage officer, a couple and the guests can head out for the reception somewhere else. This saves a lot of stress and headaches. In addition to that, a court marriage is quick, too! As opposed to traditional or church weddings, there are no crowds, noise, or long songs and sermons in court. It truly is a no-fuss way in tying the knot!
  • No dress codes – when you get married in a Sharia Court, you can wear anything that’s formal and comfortable to you. Yes, there is no need to wear tuxedos or gowns. There isn’t any strict dress code apart from appearing formal and decent. A couple can wear anything, and that includes the witnesses and representatives of the bride and groom.
  • Unique opportunities – with an overseas wedding, you’ll be giving yourself, your partner, and everyone who will be attending the court marriage with a unique experience. There are unique opportunities that the country offers which you normally wouldn’t be able to enjoy at home. You’ll be able to take your wedding photos in the magnificent sand dunes of UAE or have the reception at a white sand beach in Dubai whilst you enjoy the sun setting across the horizon. A unique opportunity is going to help in creating cherished, long-lasting memories.
  • Great location – there are a lot of reasons why tourists choose to marry in UAE. An overseas wedding conducted in UAE is famous as it is easy to predict the day’s weather! Picking sunny and picturesque UAE for a wedding location is great where stunning weather is always a guarantee.

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Marriage Lawyers in Dubai

A lot of changes can occur to legislation related to marriage in UAE. The information that we provided in this article is brought to be of help and assistance to all couples who wish to marry in the country. If you want to be able to understand the regulations related to this specific area of law, we suggest you consult with Dubai Court Marriage’s seasoned marriage lawyers in UAE. Our team consisting of lawyers and legal consultants can help you with the process of court marriage in Dubai. Contact our team today!

Hazim Darwish Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Hazim Darwish also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators.