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Social Gatherings and Weddings Finally to Resume in Dubai

Dubai will be allowing social events such as weddings to resume on the 22nd of October 2020. However, attendees and vendors required in adhering to required preventive measures set in place by local authorities in combating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Attendees of social gatherings are to wear face masks except when they seated at their tables. Also, for every table of a social gathering. There only have a maximum of five guests seated or at least two meters apart from one another as per the new directive.

Attendees of social gatherings are also to avoid kissing, hugging, and shaking hands. They are to stick to a non-physical greeting.

  • The maximum length for events is 4 hours
  • Halls allowed in hosting up to 200 individuals
  • And tents or homes can consist of 30 guests

Guidelines for Food and Beverages

For food and beverages during social gatherings, they must served as per the applicable regulations guiding a specific event or set food code by the local authorities. Lines must control for concession areas in order to make sure social distancing is at least 1.5 to 2 meters. Curbside concession cans also be available for pick up as soon as guests enter the venue. Or at the exit of the premises in order to minimize crowing at a concession stand.

Best practices are to observe when serving prepackaged food as well. An area allocate for self-service food/beverage allow but there have to social distancing maintained, sanitization of hands, and wearing of face masks. Checking by responsible party may the caterer or venue administrator.

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Guidelines for Dancing and Music

Bands allowed with social gatherings and weddings. But members are to maintain social distancing at all times even during performances. Dancing has a high risk for spreading coronavirus as rigorous physical activities result to heavy breathing. A high exertion and heavy breathing increase the potential for respiratory droplets to dispersed into the air.

This is why dancing at a social event not advised. For those who choose in including music and dancing as part of a wedding or event. Then attendees are to maximize safety by following precautions such as wearing face coverings even while dancing, considering limiting dancing for ceremonial dances only. Limiting number of people that are in the dance floor, designating a person in monitoring and enforcing limited number of people in the dance floor, and interrupting the music when crowding occurs.

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Guidelines for Restroom Use

  • Areas are to mark where people will have to line up in order to make sure there is social distancing maintained
  • Facilities are clean regularly following the disinfection and cleaning protocols
  • Provision of ample supply of soap, water, and hand sanitizer is a must
  • Electric hand dryers must turned off and only rely on a touchless dispenser of paper towels
  • Make sure a maximum number of guests is allowed in a restroom meets current size or capacity for guidelines on social distancing


All of us needs to contribute with the government’s efforts in protecting the emirate from COVID-19. The guidance given by authorities re to followed in order to limit potential spread of viruses whenever people gather. Following current guidelines on social gatherings will allow us to enjoy events and activities also. While supporting public health and minimizing added stress and strain on health care systems and local communities in Dubai and the rest of UAE.

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