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How to get Married in Dubai requirements, process, fee

Have you planning on getting married in UAE? If so, then there are a couple of things that you have to consider.

What are the requirements to get Married in UAE?

If you are an expat and you wish in marrying within Dubai. You would have to comply to certain requirements, which are as follows:

  • You and your soon to be wife or husband both have to be of legal age to marry. If you’re under 18, then you are to secure the judge’s approval. There are certain countries wherein they don’t recognize the marriage that took place in UAE unless they are both of legal age.
  • You and your soon to be wife or husband to be single, widowed or divorced and not in a registered relationship with another person.
  • For those who are under guardianship, they will have to secure the guardian’s permission or of a limited jurisdiction judge.
  • The following members of the family forbidden in marrying each other or entering into a union with each other: grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, and parents and children.
  • The permission of the local authorities has to secured if you wish to marry in Dubai.

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What documents are needed to get Married in Dubai?

There are a couple of documents that need to be furnished to authorities if you plan on getting married in Dubai or Dubai Court Marriage. We’ll provide you with a complete list. But make sure to remember all forms typewritten and in Block format.

  • Accomplished application form for marriage
  • A joint affidavit for witnesses (form that signed by two persons that will serve as witnesses)
  • Three copies and originals of apostilled certificate of marital status (proof of marital status should indicate that the broom or the bride widowed, single or divorced)
  • Three copies and the original copy of the apostilled birth certificates of the bride and the groom
  • Recent passport size images of the bride and the groom (colored)
  • Valid visas or Emirates IDs and passports of the witnesses, and the bride and the groom
  • Original and attested parental consent affidavit for applicants that aged eighteen to twenty-one years old and attested parental advice affidavit for an applicant that between twenty-two to twenty-five years old
  • All other documents that may requested by an official processor

Take note: for parents that are based in UAE, they have to appear personally at the Consulate or at the Dubai Courts in order to execute parent consent/advice affidavit. Do not forget to bring visa page and passport copies.

In the event that the applicant previously married but currently considered annulled in the eyes of the law. There annotated marriage certificate that attested, attested court’s finality, and attested advisory on marriage or court’s decision in addition to requirements that mentioned earlier. Remember that the passport have reverted onto the maiden name of the bride prior to submitting the application.

If the wife or husband of the applicant deceased. There has a death certificate submitted and authenticated marriage certificate or contract apart from the requirements that stated above. For an applicant whose residency is abroad, there has to be a certificate of legal capacity in contracting marriage issued by the jurisdiction authority of the applicant’s place of residence.

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Cost for getting legally Married or Dubai Court Marriage Fees – Contact us!

Venue for Marriage in Dubai

The Dubai Courts are the authorities that oversee regulations and procedures that are related to marriage in Dubai. Marriage licensing and registration take place in the Dubai Courts. The Dubai Courts has information on their website. That is both English and Arabic to ensure that you don’t find it difficult in navigating. Because there may be apparent inconsistencies. The local authorities recommend talking to marriage lawyers in UAE for a more thorough advice. The Dubai Courts won’t perform civil service for a Christian wedding; therefore, a couple has to go to their embassy and/or church.

The Dubai Courts will certify or notarize a marriage document that is from another source. This is to make sure that the marriage will be recognized by UAE authorities. There may be a need in going through the entire process of attestation the documents. A Christian wedding can performed at a Christian Church in Dubai regardless of the nationality. For both parties that are Catholic, there shouldn’t be any issue.

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Court Marriage Lawyers in Dubai UAE

The rules and regulations related to wedding and marriage in Dubai constantly change. Apart from that, different couples have different situations. This is why it is always best to discuss with a marriage lawyer the process, as well as the requirements to successfully marry in the emirate.

Talk to us today as our team of seasoned family and marriage lawyers here would be glad to assist you!

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