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Christian Weddings in Dubai Church

Whenever people talk about Christian weddings in Dubai (Dubai Church) or essentially anywhere else in the world, what’s likely is we think about wedding dresses and outfits, the venue, and the wedding theme. However, a crucial part of smooth and successful church weddings in Dubai is implementing all the steps involved with the process of having a Christian marriage.

In this article, we will talk about what a Dubai church wedding entails to help you prepare for possibly a lifelong dream of yours which is to get hitched in one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the world, UAE.

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Secure baptismal and confirmation certificates.

Both the parties to Christian marriage in Dubai are to have their confirmation and baptismal certificates from the specific churches in which they were baptized and then confirmed. New certificates are to be validated with the annotation of “ONLY FOR MARRIAGE PURPOSES.” Remember that you’ll have to provide the certificates to your chosen church in Dubai months or even a year prior to your intended date of marriage.

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Submit an application for getting married.

Apart from the certificates for baptism and confirmation, you’d also have to duly complete the application for marriage in Dubai. You can get the application from your chosen church. Other requirements to be presented together with the application for marriage will depend on the local church authorities.

Schedule the canonical interview.

Both you and your partner are to attend the canonical interview one or two months prior to the date of the wedding. It is usually performed by a parish priest or his assistant. A schedule for the canonical interview may be requested upon the submission of your application for marriage. Pay also the reservation fees. You need to make sure that you show up during the scheduled interview date. This is to ensure that your chosen church does not cancel the reservation and your application for marriage. In the event that circumstances don’t allow you to attend the canonical interview, you may have to reschedule and pay another batch of reservation fees. Also, there is a chance for your intended wedding date to be given to another couple.

Acquire a certification of attendance for the premarriage seminar.

With church or Christian weddings in Dubai, it’s also necessary to attend a premarriage seminar as it’s considered a prerequisite for marriages. Upon the completion of the canonical interview and the parish priest has approved you and your partner to move on with the process of getting married in Dubai and your chosen church, ask for a schedule for the premarriage seminar. Both of the contracting parties to a marriage are to attend this Pre Cana Seminar. If either of the contracting parties is not present in the UAE, it is possible to talk to the parish priest to ask if the certificate of attendance can be from the local parish where you or your partner is currently in.

Fill out forms for wedding banns.

The forms for wedding banns can be acquired when you furnish the required documents along with the application for marriage to your chosen church. Wedding banns may also be brought to the local parishes in your home country. Take note: they are to be returned after 3 consecutive Sundays. Other parishes may have their own sets of requirements for wedding or marriage banns like personal identification documents and recent ID pictures. You may also have to secure a certificate of no prior marriage from your home country’s National Statistics Office. The certificate is also commonly referred to as a certificate of the freedom to marry. Apart from being issued by a parish priest, embassies also supply them.

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List the names and contact information of the principal sponsors.

Make sure you have the full names and contact information including addressees of the principal sponsors to your wedding. The principal sponsors will serve as witnesses to your wedding ceremony and marriage contract signing. There need to be at least 2 principal sponsors. There are churches that set a maximum number of principal sponsors. Others may also allow you to exceed the maximum number of principal sponsors provided that a fee is paid as a fine.

Go to confession.

This is an absolute must! All Catholic churches require confession from both applicants prior to the wedding. Confession should be sought at least a week prior to the date of the wedding. The purpose of this is for both the soon-to-be bride and groom to be in a state of grace as they wed each other.

*Steps for Catholic weddings in Dubai can vary as per the discretion of church authorities in the UAE.

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