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Requirements for Getting the proof of Singleness Certificate in the UAE

The proof of singleness certificate in the UAE is an important document when it comes to marriage in the country. In order to avoid any obstacle or hindrance to marriage, a singleness certificate is needed especially when come one is trying to marry a person belonging to some other country or nationality. In this article, we shall be discussing the entire procedure for getting a proof of singleness certificate in UAE certificate in detail and how Dubai Court Marriage can help you in getting the same from the authorities and hence in registering your marriage in the UAE. The proof of singleness certificate in Dubai must also be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE and by the applicant’s consulate of the home country. Let us understand the procedure in more detail.

What is proof of a singleness certificate in the UAE?

A single status certificate also termed as a single status certificate or certificate is a document that authenticates and states that an individual or a person of any religion and sex is unmarried and that they hold a single status till now. This certificate needs to be presented in front of the marriage authorities so that they can give a go ahead for your marriage in the UAE. This certificate ensures that the marriages that are taking place in the country are legal.

Why proof of singleness certificate is needed in the UAE?

The singleness certificate in the UAE is needed as it is considered an important document to declare any marriage as a legal one. People belonging to different nationalities need to produce a certificate of singleness in order to prove their bachelorhood. This ensures that the marriage that is happening within the country’s premises is legal and minimizes the possibility of disputes at a later stage.

Procedure to obtain the proof of singleness certificate in the UAE

The procedure for obtaining a proof of singleness certificate in Dubai may become quite tough and might require a lot of paperwork. One must consult the marriage lawyers in Dubai in case one needs to obtain the same however, some of the basic steps in getting the single status certificate has been discussed below-

  1. Documentary evidence

First of all, to apply for a single status certificate one must compile all the required documents in one place. The list of documents that need to be produced areas listed below-

  1. For UAE citizens, a passport is valid.
  2. For UAE residents, a valid UAE resident visa, a valid passport, and proof of permanent residence in the country are needed.
  3. In case of divorcees, passport a valid UAE residence visa, divorce certificate or decree of divorce, permanent residency proof and annotated birth certificate reflecting divorce all are required.
  4. For widows who are residents of UAE, a valid UAE residence visa, passport, certificate of marriage nullification, and permanent residency proof will be needed.
  5. In case the applicant is younger than the permissible age of marriage in the UAE, a copy of the legal authorization in marrying is also required.

The supporting documents must be attested to true copies of the original documents. In case the documents are in any other language, the same must be translated to Arabic by government authorized translators. 

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  2. Fill out the application form for the singleness certificate

The application form for the singleness certificate can be downloaded from the country’s national statistics authority website. The form can be printed electronically or can be downloaded and filled out. The document should not be signed using the e-signature option as the same has to be signed in the presence of a witness who is authorized to witness you in signing it physically. In case, where the applicant is in Dubai, he must submit as well as legalize the document the legalization request.    

  1.   Notarizing the document

In the UAE, the signature on the singleness certificate can be witnessed using the Notary Public Dubai. This is to be ensured that the applicant is carrying the identity documents when he is coming for getting the same signed in front of the attestation officer.

  1. Sending in the application form for singleness certificate and the documentary proofs

The application form duly signed in along with supporting documents has to be sent to the concerned authority. If the applicant is in UAE, best way is to take the help of the marriage attorney in the country in order to ensure smooth and quick processing of the same. A single error in the procedure can result in delay or rejection of the application altogether. Once submission of the form and documents is done, the required fee must be paid. The fee for the procedure depends and may change with the authorities’ discretion.

  1. Attestation of the certificate

Once the national statistics authority has approved the application, the certificate must undergo the entire legalization process. This means the certification must be attested in the applicant’s country of origin and the ministry of foreign attestation in the UAE. Also, if the certificate has been issued in English or any other language, the same must be translated to Arabic before getting it attested by the government authorized translators. If the last step that is attestation is not done properly, the marriage authorities in the UAE will not be able to process the marriage application.

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How can Dubai Court marriage help you in obtaining the proof of singleness certificate in the UAE?

So, if you are looking forward to getting married in the UAE and you are not sure as to how to go ahead with the procedure of obtaining the certificate of singleness, then do not hesitate to get in touch with a marriage lawyer. At Dubai court marriage, we have an experienced team of marriage lawyers as well as attestation officers who can help you in sorting out all the works related to the marriage and single status certificate attainment. Call us today and we can help you in making the procedure easy and hassle-free for you.

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