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How to Write an Authorization Letter for UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

One of the many requirements for processing the attestation of a marriage certificate in the UAE is an authorization letter. Authorizing a service provider of marriage certificate attestation service in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE will allow you to complete the certificate attestation without going through the complicated process yourself. 

Crucial Points for Writing a Marriage Certificate Attestation Authorization Letter 

Take note that all state departments that need to verify the information on a UAE marriage certificate for attestation will receive the authorization. It is, therefore, important to ensure the letter is created accordingly. Follow the important points listed below as they will help you when drafting the letter of authorization for marriage certificate attestation in UAE:

  • Make a clear outline, and ensure you know exactly what to include and exclude in the letter. 
  • Express every detail thoroughly and clearly. 
  • Avoid words that imply multiple meanings. 
  • Write short and readable sentences. Avoid unexpected misunderstandings. 
  • Don’t hesitate to review and rewrite the letter several times if you are not satisfied with its contents. 
  • Avoid adding negative expressions and sentences in the letter. 
  • Retain a neutral and professional tone when writing the authorization letter. 
  • Write the date in a standard format that is followed currently in your home country. You can also write in words for ensuring clarity and understanding. 
  • Avoid using regional expressions or words as the authorization letter will be taken to your home country then checked by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 
  • When in doubt, consult with the service provider of marriage certificate attestation in UAE. Ask if they can help you draft a quality authorization letter. 
  • It’s better to have the letter typewritten rather than hand-written as the latter might have words that are illegible which can cause confusion and delay to the process of attestation. 
  • Remember to take time in understanding the roles of all parties involved including the receiver, the sender, and the party authorized to process the attestation on your behalf. 

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Steps on Writing an Authorization Letter for UAE Marriage Certificate Attestation

These are the steps for writing a legal and valid marriage certificate attestation authorization letter for UAE and your home country:

Step 1: Identify the receiver of the letter

Address the letter to the appropriate entity or office that will be receiving it. There are cases wherein people write “To Whom It May Concern.” This will work but it’s not recommended. This is because the purpose of a letter of authorization is to notify and provide permission to a third party to act for you. Don’t forget to add the date of when you’ve written the letter. 

Step 2: Add the letter subject line

This is where you need to indicate clearly the purpose of the authorization letter. It is important as more often than not people will try to look for a way to understand letters faster. Well-written subjects in authorization letters for marriage certificate attestation in UAE offer faster processing of the contents of the documents. 

Step 3: Specify the duties of your representative 

Make sure that your letter of authorization is precise yet concise. Provide specific details regarding the authorization that you are granting. As you are assigning a representative for the processing of the attestation, include some crucial details in the marriage certificate 

Step 4: Provide dates for authorization

Specify when the authorization will take into effect. Provide a start date and date for when the authorization ends. You may write, “My proxy will have authorization in processing the marriage certificate attestation for my partner and me from September 1, 2021, to December 1, 2021.”  In some cases, the dates may be tentative. In such a case, specify the length of time. You may write.

“The proxy will have authorization for acting on my behalf until the attestation process is completed.” 

Step 5: Provide a reason for writing the authorization letter 

Explain in the letter why you are in need of a proxy or representative for acting on your behalf. An explanation can indicate you’re out of town, unable to process due to a tight schedule or you’re ill. Be honest with regards to the reason for why you’re asking somebody else to handle the task. 

Step 6: Include restrictions for the authorization

You can identify areas in which a service provider isn’t allowed to implement. You might say, for instance, that the proxy does not have authorization in using your information for all other reasons besides the ones that are specified in the letter. You may also say your proxy isn’t allowed in processing any other type of document using your marriage certificate without securing your written consent. 

Step 7: Finalize the letter

Review the letter and check if it is formatted properly. Remember that an authorization letter is a kind of legal business letter. It has to be in a legal and formal tone and format. 

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