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Marriage for Filipino and Nepali in Dubai

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, court marriage for Filipino and Nepali is the easiest and quickest way of marrying as there’s a lesser set of requirements compared to a church wedding. For court marriage in Dubai, a couple will solemnize the union with a marriage officer authorized by the UAE government in officiating a marriage. The marriage license application has to be presented for the oath-taking and signing of the paperwork.

Court Wedding in Dubai for Filipino and Nepali

Court marriage in Dubai with the help of a reputable marriage lawyer UAE is the best way in simplifying a union and saving money at the same time. Here’s what’s involved with a court marriage in Dubai for Filipino and Nepali:

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Processing of Marriage License Application

For a Filipino and Nepali couple in Dubai, there’s a need to file an application for a marriage license with the UAE Sharia Court. The following documents have to be attached and presented by the couple:

  • Identification papers of the applicants (valid passports, Emirates IDs)
  • Certificate of an applicant’s legal capacity in marrying from Philippine or Nepal embassy in UAE
  • Death certificate or divorce decree required in verifying capacity to marry and civil status
  • Documentation regarding paternal advice or consent
  • Premarital medical exam certificate

The marriage license form duly completed must be submitted to the local court, as well as the other requirements for an order of payment. The payment then needs to be settled. Make sure you don’t lose the receipt for payment of the marriage license application fee.

The Court Marriage Ceremony

As you are getting married in a Sharia Court in Dubai, two male witnesses are to be present during the court marriage ceremony. The availability of a marriage ceremony with the local court is limited, which is why a couple should book in advance as far as possible. Don’t forget to have the complete set of requirements during the wedding as they’re going to be reviewed by the marriage officer. After the ceremony, there’s a ten-minute allowance for taking photos.

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Church Wedding for Filipino and Nepali in Dubai

A religious ceremony can be performed without a court marriage and the union will still be seen as legal in both the UAE, Philippines, and Nepal. Different churches require different documents as requirements. Make sure you inquire with your church where you plan on getting married. Policies and procedures will vary for different churches.

Catholic churches in Dubai require the following:

  • Certificate of baptism and confirmation – this is required for a couple. Certificates must be annotated with “only for marriage purposes” and acquired not more than 3 months prior to the date of a church wedding.
  • Canonical interview – a parish priest will be conducting an interview with a couple a month prior to the wedding date. An interview is going to be scheduled during the signing of a marriage application form.
  • Marriage seminar – a church will ask a couple to attend a pre-wedding seminar which can be scheduled on the same day as the canonical interview.
  • Wedding banns – a couple has to post the wedding schedule with the parish or church they plan on marrying in. Banns of marriage are public announcements for an impending marriage.
  • Two principal sponsors – a list of the principal sponsors has to be submitted a week prior to the church wedding. There should be at least two sponsors. The maximum number of sponsors for a church wedding in Dubai for a Nepali and Filipino is six.

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Marriage Lawyers in Dubai

A good marriage lawyer in Dubai will play a very important role in a UAE court or church wedding. The marriage process involves an extensive collection of documentation, several different reviews, and filing of the proper forms with the proper authorities.

Court marriage in Dubai for Filipino and Nepali, in particular, can be daunting as a minor mistake can easily lead to extra costs, unfavorable consequences, and delays. The common mistakes applicants make when they take care of the legal process of marrying on their own include failure in submitting all of the requirements, failure in properly filling out the required forms, failure in disclosing necessary information, and failure in checking whether the documents required by the authorities are valid for marriage purposes among others.

Your chances of experiencing a smooth and unforgettable wedding in Dubai will be higher when an experienced and competent lawyer is retained. To know more about the process of marrying in Dubai for a Filipino and Nepali couple, call us today!

Hazim Darwish Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Hazim Darwish also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators.