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Marriage in UAE for Pakistanis

After the proposal for marriage, most young Pakistani couples would spend lots of time and effort in sorting out the details for the wedding. This includes everything from the outfits, photoshoot, venue of the reception, guest list, invitation cards, seating arrangements, and more. Everything is calibrated, listed, and tracked often with a project management’s help. Planning to set up a new home, as well as arranging for a honeymoon following the court marriage in UAE can also be on top of the list of many engaged Pakistani couples.

Although these are meaningful, it’s also very crucial to understand key legal requirements that must be taken into consideration for a marriage to be registered and recognized in UAE.

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Steps to Get Married in UAE:

Step 1: Fulfill all of the legal marriage requirements

UAE has a couple of straightforward marriage requirements which both the groom and the bride need to fulfill. Both need to be of legal age; otherwise, parental or judicial consent is required. For special cases, local courts will review every situation.

Both parties must be free in partaking in a court marriage for Pakistani couples in UAE. Depending on the conditions of the residency status of each party, there may be extra steps that can involve getting approvals from government authorities.

Other requirements are as follows:

  • Both the contracting parties to a marriage must be present during the ceremony;
  • The father of the bride or the designated proxy has to be in attendance;
  • Legal consent from the bride’s legal guardian;
  • Marital status certificate, most especially for a widower/widow/divorcee;
  • In case the Muslim bride doesn’t have a Muslim father or legal guardian, the bride must obtain a NOC or No Objection Certificate from the bride’s embassy or consulate in the UAE

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Step 2: Set the date

After agreeing to the marriage and arranging the legal requirements, the next step is to consult the families of both parties to set a date. When you’ve decided, you can then go ahead and book the marriage date.

Notice of court marriage must be filed to the Sharia court no less than 30 days prior to the wedding. When filing a marriage application, you’d have to submit documents, including the following:

  • Date and time of the marriage
  • Solemnization venue
  • Passports and emirates IDs of the groom and bride
  • Passports of the two male witnesses
  • Payment arrangements

If you hire a marriage lawyer in UAE to help you with the legal requirements for marriage in UAE for Pakistanis, you won’t have to undergo the filing process yourself. The legal professional will book the date and help with the verification of your documents, including a statutory declaration regarding the intent to marry.

Step 3: Solemnize the marriage

This is when the fun starts! On the day of the wedding, you’ll go through the planned solemnization ceremony. Make sure you have these ready on the day:

  • Passports of the bride and the groom
  • Marriage license/certificate
  • Remind the witnesses to bring passport as well

After the solemnization, the marriage will be recognized legally in UAE.

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Marriage Lawyers in UAE

There are problems that Pakistani fails which result in the delay of court marriage in UAE. Problems usually arise due to a lack of awareness of legal marriage procedures, plus couples find the processes to be lengthy and cumbersome. That being said, it’s best to talk to a marriage lawyer from Dubai Court Marriage. Our team consists of seasoned marriage lawyers in UAE and their advice can come in handy in easing down marriage processes.

They can help, especially if you and your partner are of different religions. Take note: different religions entail different laws. For instance, your partner is Hindu and you’re Muslim, our lawyers will be able to advise you on the applicable law, as well as the registration of your court marriage. For more info, call us today!

Is a prenuptial agreement required for UAE court marriage?

You may want to ensure you won’t be taken advantage of should your marriage go south. You’ll be able to protect your interests should your marriage dissolve using a prenuptial agreement. If you want a prenuptial agreement signed prior to your court marriage, make sure that the agreement is drafted and reviewed by a reputable marriage attorney in UAE.

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Can I marry without finalizing a divorce?

If you have plans on marrying and you’re previously married, you’d have to make sure first that your divorce has been finalized. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed in marrying in UAE. Proof of marital status is one of the requirements for marriage in the UAE. The certificate should state that you are eligible or qualified to marry again. If you don’t have such a document, it is best to seek legal advice.

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