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Getting married in the UAE: What are the documents needed?

The United Arab Emirates is rich with tradition and history.  Marriage in UAE can be an extraordinary occasion for you, your partner, and loved ones. With the majestic desert and sand to the- luxury of the UAE’s finest hotels, you will be able to host any style of wedding that you wish.

In this article, we will break down all the terms and conditions for getting married in UAE as well as the necessary paperwork and Dubai court marriage documents. Keep on reading.

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Court Marriage in UAE: Terms and Conditions

  • Presence of parties planning on entering into a marriage contract (in UAE, this would be the bride, groom, guardian or father of the bride, and two witnesses)
  • If the guardian of the bride has died or is unable to attend the occasion, there should be presence of the nearest male kin e.g. cousin, uncle, nephew, son or brother
  • In the event that a contracting party won’t be able to attend for the marriage ceremony, there has to be approval of the judge and nomination of a representative with a Power of Attorney (attested document)
  • In the event that one party to a marriage is a minor or not of legal age or the age of the husband or wife is twice the partner’s, then there has to be a Judge’s Endorsement presented
  • For UAE nationals getting married in UAE, a dowry shouldn’t exceed AED20,000 (advance payment) and AED30,000 (balance). Maximum dowry limit (only applies to UAE nationals) is AED50,000.

Additional conditions for UAE locals getting married

  • If a local plans on getting married and he or she has a passport which was issued by Ajman and he/she wishes in marrying a non-GCC man or woman, then he/she should present a non-objection letter that was issued by the Ajman Shariah Court.
  • For a female UAE national that plans on marrying an expatriate, the husband should have a certification for good conduct

Additional terms and conditions for UAE expat marriages

  • For Qataris, Omanis, Kuwaitis, and Saudis men and women, when marrying non GCC locals, they have to bring letters of approval from their countries’ concerned authorities and the letter has to be attested
  • For a Bahraini local that plans on marrying a lady that is not of Bahraini descent, there has to be an approval letter that is issued by Bahraini Authorities. This includes males from Libya and Morocco.

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Requirements for getting married in UAE – Dubai Court Marriage Documents Required

The requirements will differ, depending on the nationality of the couple, residency, and religion among other factors. There are general requirements for marriage in Dubai court, however, and they are as follows:

  • Documents that serve as proof that groom, bride, and/or guardian of the bride are residents of UAE;
  • Original and copies of identification cards for witnesses and concerned parties;
  • Medical test reports for groom and bride issued by approved government medical centers (reports are to have the approved format of the UAE Health Authority);
  • In the event that the father of the bride is dead, the bride should furnish a Death Certificate that’s attested by proper authorities;
  • If the bride is widowed or divorced, official documents have to be presented to prove marital status and eligibility to wed again. The proof should be stamped with an executional manifesto (for judgment that is issued within the UAE);
  • For a bride that recently converted to Islam, furnish an Islam Certificate as well as a Marital Status Certificate that was issued from the country or the embassy of the bride’s country of origin

Take note: a Power of Attorney has to be presented if there is an absentee during the marriage ceremony. Any document that is issued overseas or outside the UAE has to be attested by the following entities: UAE Ministry or Dept. of Foreign Affairs and the originating country’s Dept. of Foreign Affairs. Documents have to be officially translated into Arabic from UAE Ministry of Justice.

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Where can I get married in UAE if I am not Muslim?

A non-Muslim couple may be able to- conclude formalities for marriage in UAE at any church or temple (as per the couple’s religion) or consulate or embassy of the country of origin of the couple that is based in UAE.

There are countries which require their citizens in filing an application for intention in marrying at their consulate or embassy in UAE. It is advised to seek legal counsel prior to submitting an application for marriage with the proper authorities.

Can an Emirati woman marry an expat man?

Yes, an Emirati woman may be able to marry an expat man but she has to obtain consent from parents or guardians and permit from employer if the Emirati woman is working with the Armed Forces.

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