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Court Marriage without Witnesses in UAE possible?

A civil or court marriage in UAE must have two witnesses. You may be wondering if it is possible in the country to have no witness to a marriage or union. This is not possible as two witnesses required in making a court marriage legal. The signatures of the witnesses complete a union. And the witnesses will be signing the marriage license or certificate of a wedded couple.

Take note: The requirements are subject to alterations depending on the consulate of a couple’s originating country. It is best to consult with a marriage lawyer in UAE for more specific and an updated information regarding the requirements including 2 marriage witnesses.

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Legal Marriage in UAE

Yes, court marriages in UAE are legal. As long as the couple complies with the prerequisites which set forth by the applicable laws. Court marriages are binding and will be recognized in the UAE. A court marriage allows a couple to enjoy several legal benefits, which may include residency, medical care, and other benefits.

Some of the essentials that make court marriages legal are authority of the individual. Who is performing the court marriage, a marriage license, consent, and capacity. There is a need for two witnesses who are to be present during the court marriage ceremony. As mentioned earlier, the witnesses will also be affixing their signatures on the marriage certificate.

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What are the requirements for Court Marriage in UAE?

For Islamic marriages, the Sharia law states that weddings will perform in Islamic Courts Marriage Section. The following are require in order to issue with a marriage license in UAE:

  • In the event that the bride is widowed or divorced, there has to be proof presented.
  • In the event that the bride is Muslim with a guardian or father that isn’t Muslim. An NOC or no objection certificate has to be presented. The NOC should issue by the consulate or embassy of the bride.
  • Original passport and certified copies of such for the couple apart from the identification documents of the guardian or father of the bride, and the two male witnesses.
  • In the event that the father of the bride is deceased, declaration of death or a death certificate has to be provided to the local authority. Also, consent from the uncle or brother of the bride from the side of the father is required. In rare cases wherein there isn’t any male relative that is able to provide consent, documents that prove such will be required. For a bride with a father that isn’t able to be present during the marriage ceremony, letter of consent or no objection letter is needed along with certified copies of the passport for verification of signature.
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Few conditions to meet to Marry Dubai Courts

  • The authorities given notice at least four weeks from the proposed date of the marriage.
  • At least a party to a marriage contract (groom, bride, or guardian of the bride) should have a residence or employment visa in Dubai. A couple should bring passports and national IDs as proof of visa status and identity.
  • The age of the spouse shouldn’t be double of the partner. For a spouse that’s less than eighteen years old, secure first the approval of the Personal Status Court’s Chief Justice.
  • A couple have to furnish premarital medical certificates that issued by any government clinic or government hospital in order to rule out communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS or thalassemia.
  • The bride and the groom should both be present during the marriage along with the father of the bride and two witnesses.
  • Fee for applying for a marriage license will depend on the procedures that have to be carried out. You will advise by the local authorities on the fee.

For a non-Muslim court marriage in UAE, the marriage formalities can conclude at the consulate or embassy of the couple’s originating country based in the UAE or at a church or temple as per the couple’s religion.

It is advise to consult with a marriage lawyer in UAE before filing the intention to marry with authorities. There are so many aspects that affect the eligibility for a couple to marry in the UAE including their nationality, religion, and legal status. Talk to Dubai Court Marriage team of marriage lawyers in Dubai to stay organized with the documents and entire preparation stage for your court marriage.

Our team of  marriage lawyers and legal consultants based across the country can handle the legal formalities of your wedding. So you can focus on the fuzzy and warm aspects of it! Choose to do the smart thing today and talk to our legal professionals!

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