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Why to get legally married in Dubai UAE

All marriages in the UAE must be registered with the Dubai courts. Getting married in Dubai UAE is convenient if the procedure is followed properly and the marriage gets registered in the Dubai courts. In this article we will explain how to register for Dubai Court Marriage.

Why people love getting married in Dubai?

People from all over the world consider Dubai as the perfect place to settle down and raise families. This is the reason court marriages in Dubai are made legal in the UAE and many expats love to get married in Dubai. The reason for so much of inclination towards getting married in Dubai is because the weather is not too harsh, housing and schooling options are ample, and there is freedom of religion and cultural expression. Many expats take Dubai as their second home and feel comfortable spending even decades of their life here.

Why marriage needs to be legalized in Dubai?

As per the law in the UAE of personal status, all marriages must be registered in the court of the UAE to make it valid. This protects the rights of the people involved in the marriage and their children. Marriages that are held in a church, temple in the UAE. Must be registered in the respective UAE court. Otherwise, it will not be accepted in UAE or any other part of the world. Court marriages, however, are already registered in the UAE. If you are residing in UAE and wish to get married, there are certain rules that must be kept in mind.

The law enforces all marriages to be registered in the UAE courts as marriage is considered a legal bond between the bride and the groom to establish a family and relationship. The marriage in Muslims must follow the sharia rules and must be registered in the sharia court of the UAE. The process may be different for other nationalities and religions. The marriage contract in the UAE is according to the sharia law which helps in the protection of rights of the couple and their children.

Pre-marital requirements for court marriage in Dubai

The couples who want to apply for a court marriage in Dubai must fulfil certain criteria that are termed as per-marital requirements.

These pre-marital requirements are as stated below:

  1. The bride must give her consent in the marriage.
  2. Pre-marital health certificate must be obtained from, the Dubai Health Authority or the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi.
  3. Either the groom or the bride should be holding a resident visa of the UAE if the couple is in Dubai.
  4. For other emirates, both the bride and the groom shall be holding the resident visa of the UAE.

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Documents required for Dubai Court Marriage

The following are the document requirements for marriage in Dubai:

  1. Original birth certificates
  2. Original passports
  3. Proof of residence in the UAE
  4. Emirates ID that is valid
  5. Fitness certificate certifying the health of the bride and the groom
  6. Proof of marital status of both the bride and the groom. If this certificate is issued outside the UAE then it must be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs of the applicant and the UAE consulate.
  7. A local proof of the marital status of the individual can also be obtained from the consulate of the individual and the ministry of foreign affairs of the UAE.

The above-mentioned documents may change from situation to situation and the person should consult their consulate in the UAE if they want to know about the latest guidelines and the documents requirements.

General conditions of Dubai Court Marriage

The general conditions for the expatriates to get married in the UAE that are considered essential are as follows:

  1. The paperwork may take anywhere between 3-4 weeks
  2. Both bride and the groom must have completed 18 years of age at the time of applying for the marriage registration in Dubai courts.
  3. There must be a minimum of 2 witness that should be present along with their Id proofs.

Authorities responsible for Dubai Court Marriages

Mazoons are the authorized marriage officers in the UAE. Each emirate on the UAE has appointed these Mazoons. They work under the guidance and provision of Sharia courts. Apart from this, ministry of justice is responsible for the wedding in the UAE. In Dubai, eZawaj online portal is there for applying and registering a marriage.

Therefore, one must be aware of all the terms and conditions of registering the marriage before proceeding for the marriage in the UAE. If not done so, it will not be considered valid and may put you in trouble at a later stage.

At Dubai Court Marriage, our staff and lawyers can help you in finding your way through for registering your marriage in the UAE courts. Get in tough with us anytime. 

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