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Getting Married in Dubai on a visit visa: things to consider

Can a visitor marry in the United Arab Emirates? The UAE has become the new home for many overseas couples. Most inhabitants, especially foreigners, have had several problems with marriages in the UAE because getting married in the country is quite complex and demanding. One of the most typical visitors is someone with a travel visa. If one lives in the United Arab Emirates, they also want to know how to get married. To find out how to be married in the UAE while on a tourist visa, keep reading.

Is it possible for foreigners to get married in Dubai?

Yes, foreign expats may marry in Dubai and tie the knot there. It is vital to remember, however, that:

  • The marriage must be appropriately registered with the appropriate courts or embassies.
  • Non-Muslim expats can marry in Dubai according to the laws of their home countries.

Getting married in Dubai on a visit visa: key requirements

These are the main things to understand about UAE weddings when travelling on a visit visa!

  • Following Sharia laws that apply regardless of the couple’s nationality, Muslim weddings for expats and residents are conducted in Dubai and other locations in the UAE.
  • It is legal for non-Muslim expats in Dubai to be married and have their unions registered at the embassy or consulate of their home nations.
  • An embassy or consulate can certify a Christian expat couple’s marriage after they are married in one of Dubai’s churches.
  • The marriage must be officially registered with both of the respective embassies in the UAE if the expat couple is from two different countries.

Getting married in Dubai on a visit visa: general prerequisites you must know

  1. Acceptance of Marriage proposal

The bride’s acceptance or willingness is one of the critical requirements.

  1. A valid Residence Visa for a man is required if a woman is on a Visit Visa.

A legitimate and current residence visa is required for the couple. However, the resident Visa of a man who wishes to marry the girl with a visit visa will be sufficient if the lady travels to Dubai with her father or another legal guardian. It will enable the couple to finish the legal marriage process.

  1. Medical Screening Report from DHA

In addition, the spouse on a visit visa (a woman in the scenario mentioned above) must show their medical test results.

Note: You must have a health checkup if you’re getting married in the UAE. This examination is performed to rule out the potential of a genetic or infectious condition. The marriage proposal will be rejected if the outcome is unfavorable.

  1. If a man is on Visit Visa

If the groom is on a visit visa in the UAE, then for his medical screening, the father’s or guardian’s documents of the lady he wishes to marry will be required.. An accurate certificate proving the bride’s marital status is necessary if she is divorced or widowed.

  1. No Objection Certificate

A No Objection Certificate from her embassy or consulate is also required if the bride is Muslim and her father or legal guardian is a non-Muslim. The couple will also need the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to ratify the No Objection Certificate. It should also be legally translated into Arabic.

  1. If a woman is Jewish or Christian

If the woman is Jewish or Christian, she must be accompanied by her guardian, father, or the legal guardian’s deputy. The judge may serve as her legal guardian if this is not practicable. In addition, the couple will require two witnesses.

  1. Other essential requirements

The couple must also fulfil some final requirements, such as those set forth by their respective countries of origin. Among others are the marriage license, a document proving one’s social standing, etc. The couple’s original passports and the guardian of the bride’s passports are also required. Two witnesses must also verify their IDs.

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Key marriage requirements for Muslim foreigners getting married in Dubai on a visit visa

Muslim foreigners getting married in Dubai on a visit visa should be aware of the following:

  • According to UAE law, a Muslim lady cannot wed a man of another religion unless the guy converts to Islam and provides documentation of his conversion.
  • In Dubai, Muslim males are allowed to wed non-Muslim women.

Non- Muslim foreigners getting married in Dubai on a visit visa

The legal procedures for non-Muslim couples getting married in Dubai on a visit visa take place at:

  • The UAE is where the couple’s consulate or embassy is located.
  • Depending on the couple’s religion, a church or temple.

Documents required to register marriage 

The following documents are required to register a marriage:

  • Copy of the bride and groom’s passports
  • Valid identification for the witnesses
  • The couple’s birth certificates attesting to their age
  • Proof of the demise of the preceding spouse or, if appropriate, a divorce decree.
  • Additional paperwork may be needed, such as an “intention to marry” application and a health fitness certificate. This changes from case to case. Thus Dubai Court Marriage can assist you in understanding just what is required in whatever circumstance.

UAE laws regarding foreigners’ ability to marry on Visit Visa

A valid UAE residence visa must be held by at least one of the parties to the marriage contract—the groom, the bride, or the bride’s guardian. It will not be feasible for the bride and groom to be married if they both possess a visitation visa. Therefore, if you want to be married in Dubai but neither of the applicants has a resident visa, it is not feasible, and you must search elsewhere.

How might Dubai court marriage assist visitors in completing their marriage criteria in Dubai?

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