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Snow wedding in Georgia for Dubai residents

Do you wish to finalize your marriage by signing all the necessary paperwork as soon as possible? In addition to the UAE Georgia is a destination wedding with a fast and inexpensive ceremony because anybody may be married in Georgia in only one day!

Is a time of year more romantic than winter to tie the knot? These winter wedding accents, such as Christmas music and winter blossoms, may bring warmth and charm even on the coldest days. There are many advantages to a snowy wedding. Summer weddings are beautiful, but there are a few drawbacks to consider. A bride’s flawlessly styled wedding hair might become a scorching catastrophe in the oppressive heat. If you choose a snow wedding in Georgia, you can avoid that while still getting stunning snowy pictures, holiday-themed wedding décor, and more. Georgia needs to have the ideal snowy wedding, without a doubt.

Why did Couples from Dubai choose Georgia as their destination wedding?

Georgia is live the UAE a kind and accepting nation. Regardless of religion or origin, Georgians are genuinely glad to have visitors. You may expect to encounter individuals from many different countries and cultures on the streets of Tbilisi. Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and English may all be heard. Here, you can visit an Orthodox church, a Catholic church, or a mosque. You won’t encounter any challenges if you want to get married in Georgia, You may quickly and easily register your marriage regardless of your citizenship.

Cost of Wedding for Dubai expats in Georgia

Georgia is also readily accessible to residents of the UAE. There are two daily direct flights from Dubai to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. A round-trip ticket starts at around $300. Since the airport is inside the city, you may get to Tbilisi center in 30 minutes after a short (3.5-hour) trip. No visa is needed to enter Georgia; citizens of most nations are permitted a one-year stay there without registering.

The cost of different services in the nation will be a pleasant surprise to those who have opted to attend this important event rather than being constrained by an essential registration (which only costs $420). In one of Tbilisi’s restaurants, a superb meal for two starts at $90.

Snow wedding in Georgia for Dubai residents: Best locations

  1. Tbilisi 

Winter weddings are a great concept in Tbilisi. The capital’s restaurants are illuminated with New Year’s lights throughout the winter and provide a wide range of entertainment options.

  1. Bakuriani

The Bakuriani ski resort has kid-friendly, secure terrain, making it a fantastic spot for the entire family to unwind. Younger people and novice skiers will benefit significantly from the easy slopes. While you are at the ceremony or picture session, the kids will be supported since there are a lot of animators on the hill. The breathtaking mountain peaks and evergreen spruce will create a magnificent environment, and the sunny, constant weather will only work in your favour.

  1. Gudauri

At a height of 2250 meters, this ski resort is Georgia’s most prominent and up-to-date. There are abundant options for backcountry and freeride skiing (ski touring). The resort is situated at the highest point of the Georgian Military Highway in the Caucasus Mountains. People visit Gudauri who adore the mountains from all over the globe. Common snow is plenty on the crests dividing Europe from Asia, which will delight snow aficionados. Anywhere, including valleys and mountains, is a fantastic setting for picture shoots. For committed couples, Gudauri offers a variety of possibilities.

  1. Mgzavrebi’s Hotel Terrace 8

Spa-hotel Mgzavrebi is situated at a height of almost 2000 meters above sea level, has easy access to ski runs, and has a terrace where an unconventional ceremony may be held. An orderly row of evergreen firs and snow-covered mountain peaks may serve as the backdrop to your wedding. Due to its size, you could easily book this hotel for your wedding. Up to 40 people may have a party here that works well.


The snow-capped mountains of Georgia are the perfect place to start arranging your destination winter wedding. You may begin making arrangements as soon as your paperwork has been approved. Consider a destination wedding if you’re looking for a special place to exchange vows. Due to its stunning natural surroundings and relatively reasonable packages, Georgia is an excellent option for a destination wedding location.

How can the Dubai Court Marriage assist you in legalizing a Georgian wedding in Dubai?

Snow Wedding in Georgia for Dubai Residents will be legalized and confirmed domestically with our professional marriage consultants in every manner imaginable. We will walk you through every step to make things simple and uncomplicated for you, from the paperwork through the application and marriage certificate attestation.

Get in contact with us now, and we’ll help you with legalizing a Georgian wedding in Dubai in any way we can.

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