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Steps to legalize a Georgian wedding in Dubai

Steps to legalize a Georgian wedding in Dubai

The idea of getting married in the UAE is almost a dream come true for all the young expats residing in the country. Since the country not only offers safety and security but is also home to many kinds of job and business opportunities, young expats love to get married and settled in the emirates. Since Georgia is just three- and half-hour distance from the UAE, many Georgians like to visit UAE and settle in this country. Therefore, the young Georgian expats must know the process and the steps that are needed to legalize a Georgian wedding in Dubai. In this article, we shall guide you through the steps to legalize a Georgian wedding in Dubai and how Dubai Court Marriage can help you in making the process easy and convenient for young Georgian expats.

Why is it necessary to legalize a Georgian wedding in Dubai?

First of all, let us discuss why is it necessary to legalize a wedding in the UAE? If you are an expat resident in the United Arab Emirates, there are three major reasons why one must or why may want to get married here. These reasons have been mentioned below-

  1. To make the relationship official- In the UAE, a couple who is not married officially and possesses a valid marriage certificate cannot stay together. Therefore, it is a must for a couple to legalize and formalize their wedding when they intend to stay as a couple in the UAE.
  2. To stay with your spouse under the same roof- in continuation with the above point, if a couple wishes to stay together under one roof in the country, they must be married legally and must have their marriage certificate duly notarized by the Notary officer.
  3. To plan family-Lastly, planning a family also needs to be done only after the wedding or the marriage certificate has been received by a couple, and the relevant authorities have signed the same to get it authenticated.

Therefore, one must consult the marriage lawyers at the Dubai Court Marriage in case a Georgian nationality wants to get married inside the UAE. They will help you in all ways possible to get your marriage legalized in the country. 

Steps to legalizing a Georgian wedding in UAE

The steps to formalize a wedding in the UAE are quite simple, provided the procedure is well known, and the documentation is in place. Here we will discuss the same in detail.

The expats who wish to marry in the UAE must fulfil the following two conditions: –

  1. The bride and the groom must be over 18 years of age.
  2. There must be at least two witnesses who must be present at the ceremony.

The documents needed for the marriage to take place are as follows-

  1. Copies of passports of the bride and the groom.
  2. Birth certificate copies of the bride and the groom.
  3. Valid ID of the witnesses.
  4. Valid residence visas of the couple.
  5. Proof of divorce, death certificate etc., in case applicable.

In addition to this, there might be certain specific requirements of the embassies, and the same must be fulfilled. So, if there is any doubt, one must consult the experienced marriage lawyers in the UAE who can help you in getting the documentation and procedural work done for your marriage in Dubai.

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Will a marriage that is held in Georgia be valid in the UAE?

The next question that might come up to your mind would be, will a marriage that was solemnized in Georgia will be valid in the UAE as well? The answer to this question is yes. Georgia issues a marriage certificate to the couple as soon as the marriage gets solemnized in the country. The couple then needs to present an apostille written in English to the UAE courts to legalize the wedding. This needs to be accompanied by the passport and emirates ID copy of the couple. The marriage certificate obtained in Georgia gets authenticated in the UAE by this method. Also, one must note that if the marriage certificate is in English, then the same must be translated to Arabic by the government authorized translators, and then both the English and the Arabic versions of the certificate have to be presented in the UAE for making it authenticated. The process takes around two to seven working days to get completed, and the same has to be done in person.

Once the apostille is delivered, the marriage certificate is valid once the same gets registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE. All this process is easy once you are in touch with the marriage lawyers that are available at your service in Dubai Court Marriage. 

How can Dubai Court Marriage help you legalize a Georgian wedding in Dubai?

We at Dubai Court marriage have a team of experienced lawyers. They are well updated with the latest requirements of the UAE courts to legalize a marriage inside the country. We will help you in every way possible to make your marriage legal and authenticated inside the country. Right from the documentation to application and marriage certification attestation, we will guide your way through to make things easy and simple for you. Therefore, do get in touch with us today, and we will assist you in all ways possible.

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