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Guide to Stress-Free Wedding

A wedding, regardless of whether it’s a religious or court marriage in Dubai, will probably be one of the biggest, memorable, and more involved events that you’ll ever put together. However, you should not be scared at all!

  1. Consult with a marriage/family law expert.

Whether you choose to have a black-tie gala or a simple court marriage in Dubai, you will need to meet the requirements for marriage and make certain financial and legal preparations for the impending marriage. A seasoned legal advocate in Dubai that specializes in marriage and family laws in UAE will let you understand the following crucial aspects of getting married in Dubai, UAE, or anywhere in the country:

  • Marriage legal requirements
  • How you can get acquire a marriage certificate or license
  • How you can get blood tests prior to submitting your marriage application
  • Who will be allowed in performing the ceremony
  • Where the wedding ceremony can occur

As soon as you are married, you will be receiving several rights and benefits. This includes inheritance benefits, child support, and alimony should the marriage end in divorce. Consulting with a legal professional and acquiring legal assistance for processing the marriage application will allow you to have access to credible legal advice regarding pre and postnuptial agreements. Such contracts are becoming common in UAE as more people choose to marry later when they have already accumulated a considerable number of assets.

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  1. Choose trustworthy suppliers.

Your wedding suppliers are integral to your very special day. It is, therefore, very critical that you choose wisely. It is best if you get recommendations from family members, friends, your chosen venue, as well as other wedding suppliers. It is a must to build a great wedding team that will help you in making your vision for your wedding a reality.

Then, you should also need to trust them. For instance, when you choose a florist, select someone who has the style that you adore, then allow the professional in doing his or her best to work for you. Professionals that you choose must be passionate and experienced in the industry.

When you hire a photographer for your wedding day, browse through the galleries of your potential candidates as doing so will provide you with a clear picture of how your photos will also end up. Consider the experience of each candidate and how it will work with the wedding venue. Take a look at the type of shots that they have captured from past clients. Do they specialize in personal candidate shots, atmospheric landscape shots, or more creative or artistic shots?

  1. Remember that preparation is key.

As soon as you’ve dealt with the legal aspects of court marriage in Dubai and have your key wedding suppliers organized, the next thing you need to do is sit back and relax to let the preparations happen. Get a spreadsheet for all the suppliers you have hired and add their contact information, as well as other important information on what they’re doing.

Then, before the wedding, contact them in order to confirm that all aspects are sorted and to find out their schedule for arrival and departure, the equipment they’ll bring with them on-site, as well as what they’ll require from your wedding venue. You can pass the information to the wedding coordinator of your venue, so there are no surprises during the very day. Contact everyone ahead so you won’t have to worry and fuss about a thing during your wedding day.

  1. Mind the kids who will be attending.

You may opt to not have kids during your wedding. If you allow them to be there, then make sure that you accommodate them! What you want is for them to have fun and ensure that they’re catered for. Select a space for them to retire when the ceremony gets too overwhelming for them. You may also want to have high chairs for the children during dinner. If you take the time in considering their needs, your wedding day can run a lot smoother. There will be more enjoyable for the parents as well!

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  1. Be selective with your guest list.

Sorting your guest list early on is very important as it will allow you in focusing on catering for your specific number of guests. The costs per head would be one of your biggest wedding expenses, so you shouldn’t be guilt-tripped into sending invites to people that you don’t care for to come. It is the hardest and biggest decision in a wedding planning process.

For more information on how marriage and family law experts in Dubai, UAE can help you sort out the legal aspects of your marriage, call us here in Dubai Court Marriage today!

Hazim Darwish Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Hazim Darwish also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators.