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Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Tips

Pre-wedding photoshoots are a must when getting married in Dubai! The natural intimacy and warmth captured in pre-nuptial photos give us a glimpse into the happiness and genuine love shared by two individuals. If your wedding day is fast approaching, don’t skip taking the necessary preparations to ensure your pre-wedding photos look extraordinary!

How to have a successful pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai

Prepare the props!

Props add details and character to your pre-wedding photos. The props should complement not only the scene in photos but also the scenery where you’ll conduct the photo shoot. Of course, they are to be effective in telling your love story with your soon-to-be spouse.

The best props usually are the ones that are mobile and simple to use. Trust us when we say you would not want to be allocating half an hour just to set up a single prop. When you are done, the groove in you for the photoshoot is likely to be gone. A good ol’ bouquet is a safe choice. It’s widely available and easy for you to travel with. It’s also something for your hands to be busy with and not look awkward in photos.

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Choose the right outfits

You’ll spend lots of time moving outdoors during your photoshoot. We suggest you give those long trains and heavy dresses a miss for now! It’s quite hard to carry around a train and to ensure it remains clean when you are shooting, most especially at a natural landscape. pick a light and flowy dress that has a shorter train.

This will be much easier and quicker for you to move and walk around. A mini dress will also work perfectly if the shoot has a more casual theme and tone. As for your partner, just make sure he looks dapper and groomed, then your outfits are set!

Compile lists of poses

For most couples that have their court marriage in Dubai, pre-wedding photoshoots are the first time where they pose formally in front of a professional’s camera. If you’re like most, then you certainly won’t feel comfortable in front of the lens. You may even find yourself feeling camera shy. What usually happens is you use the same pose throughout the photoshoot session.

What should you be doing? It’s fairly simple. Just prepare some photos that you want to emulate. You can begin browsing online like on Instagram. You can also become fully reliant on the shoot crew in directing and guiding you with poses and smiling in front of the camera. Just make sure they know what you want from them and check their years of experience so you know they’re effective with the task!

Have a general idea of the scenes that you like

First off, begin by asking not just yourself but also your partner the kind of backdrop you would want for the pre-wedding photos. Do you want mountains or sand? Perhaps you prefer the busy city streets. Work out a comprehensive list of all your favorite scenes. Then, share your vision with the photoshoot team you hired for your court marriage in Dubai.

Keep a very open mind as you find alternative locations as what you’ve found online usually isn’t suitable for your area or the type of photo shoot that you want. It’s only natural for you to overlook some restrictions for certain locations as you’re unfamiliar with some places around. Let your pre-wedding photoshoot crew advise on photoshoot spots. They’re likely very experienced and knowledgeable with regards to the most suitable locations which also ensure the best photos!

Practice your smile and poses

Smiling seems very natural for most as we do it every single day! So, why practice at all? Just like most things, you would want to practice if you want the perfect pre-wedding photos in Dubai. Smiling isn’t an exception to this rule! Research and rehearse poses with your partner. Choose the ones that you think will look great on camera, so every photo counts from your pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai.

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Don’t try out new beauty treatments or products

Avoid using new products or having a facial treatment, especially when there are only three days before your scheduled photoshoot. Grooming activities on the face are to be done at least a week or two weeks prior to a pre-wedding photoshoot in Dubai or even the date for your Dubai court marriage!

You wouldn’t want to reschedule your big day just because you need time in recovering from a skin allergy reaction or pimple outbreak. If you did have an allergic reaction, the quickest way for you to soothe irritation would be to apply aloe vera gel onto the affected areas.

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