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Reasons Why Marriage is a Good Idea

Even thousands of years ago, marriage has always been an important part of our human culture. Almost all religions and cultures on the planet celebrate a similar kind of partnership ceremony. In UAE, it’s been proven that marriage allows people to live a lot longer, happier, and healthier.

Benefits of Court Marriage in Dubai

It reduces the likelihood of domestic violence

Marriage reduces the risk of both men and women becoming victims of domestic violence. In a survey of National Crime Victimization, they’ve found that divorced and single women were up to five times likely to be the victims of violence for the same year than wives. As for bachelors, they’re four times as husbands to be victims of violent crimes. The majority of acts of domestic violence are against women and they’re committed by their intimate partners who are not their husbands but their boyfriends.

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Marriage saves lives

Married people, as mentioned earlier, live healthier and longer lives. Marriage’s power is a lot more evident in late middle age. Researchers have analyzed mortality differentials and they’ve found that nine of ten married guys will live up to the age of sixty-five while only six in ten single guys will reach the same age as the married guys.

As for the women, marriage’s protective benefits are also powerful although not as large. From ten wives, nine will live to reach their senior citizenship in comparison to just eight of ten who are single and/or divorced.

As a matter of fact, researchers who have compiled the catalog for relative mortality risks say that being married is among the greatest risks people subject themselves to voluntarily. For instance, having heart disease will reduce the life expectancy of a man by under six years. Being unmarried, on the other hand, will chop almost ten years from the life of a man. It’s not just the selection effect as even controlling for the initial health status, people who were sick and married live longer in comparison to their unmarried counterparts.

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Marriage saves children’s lives

Children lead much healthier and longer lives if their parents stay married. The adults that fret regarding drunk driving and secondhand smoke will do well in focusing their attention on this point.

In a long-term study that followed a sample for highly advantaged children up to their early seventies, the divorce of parents knocked at least four years from the life expectancy of the adult children. Those who were from divorced homes are three times likely in dying from any cause compared to those who have parents who chose to stay married.

Marriage allows couples to earn more money

Men today think that getting married in UAE is a consumption item or a financial burden. However, scientific literature suggests marriage can be considered as a productive institution, for men in particular, which is as important as proper education. Marriage, essentially, boosts a man’s earnings.

As a matter of fact, having a wife can increase the salary of a male in the UAE by as much as getting a college education. By some estimates, married men make as much as forty percent more than comparable bachelors or single guys. This is even when controlling for job history and education.

The longer the husband stays married, the marriage premium that is received gets higher. The earnings of wives also benefit from court marriage in Dubai, UAE. However, they decline when children enter the picture.

Marriage builds more wealth

This is relevant to the previous section of why it’s a good idea to get married in Dubai, UAE. Married people don’t only make a lot more money, they’re also better at managing money and building more wealth together compared to people who are alone. Even at an identical level of income, married people are reported to be less likely to experience economic hardship and having trouble paying the basic bills.

The longer a couple stays married, the more assets are built. When nearing retirement, average married couples accumulate a significant number of assets compared to the divorced and the never-married. Couples who stay married see their assets grow twice as fast compared to those who stay divorced even over a period of five years.

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Marriage makes people happier

For most people, single life’s joys are overrated. Over forty percent of couples who got married say that they are happy and content with life. You may be wondering how happy are divorced couples? As we’re often told, divorce is the solution to be happy. However, if that is the case, then most should demand their money back. Only eighteen percent of couples who got divorced say they’re truly happy.

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