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How to Prepare for Your Dubai Marriage

Whether you’re organizing your court marriage in Dubai yourself or you hired a wedding planner, you’ll find our guide for wedding preparations beneficial. This is because our goal is to help you make sure that you don’t forget a single thing before your wedding! Take the stress and headache out of wedding planning and allow you and your partner to enjoy the big special occasion to the fullest.

How to Prepare for a Dubai Court Marriage

Here’s our list of the top recommendations of experts for wedding planning and to tie the knot stress-free:

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Determine the budget

Numbers aren’t always fun to deal with; however, you need to make some calculations prior to your wedding planning. Having a good idea of the bottom line for the court marriage in Dubai will let you make the correct decisions with regards to service providers that you hire. This also applies even when you will have a religious or church marriage in UAE. A good way in keeping track of the spending and adjusting the numbers whenever necessary is to create a thorough and detailed spreadsheet even from the onset.

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Create a pre-nuptial agreement

This one is best done with the help of legal experts in Dubai. A prenuptial agreement has now been considered a necessity for couples who are planning on getting married in Dubai, UAE, or anywhere else in the globe. In UAE, a prenuptial agreement is also referred to as a binding financial agreement as it addresses the way net assets and liabilities are divided when the relationship breaks down.

Some of the primary reasons as to why it’s recommended by experts to have a prenuptial agreement created before the big day include the following:

  • Certainty – both the spouses will be able to set out details as to how net assets and all resources are going to be divided and/or separated between the couple in the event that they separate or divorce in the future.
  • Security prenuptial agreements in UAE offer peace of mind with how future arrangements are going to be carried out. Both spouses, therefore, can make plans without having to worry as to what will happen should unfortunate situations arise.
  • Finality – a prenuptial agreement sets out the way assets are going to divide. Any potential dispute will be dealt with with the terms and conditions in the agreement itself.
  • Privacy – prenuptial agreements in UAE are created in private. Only the soon-to-be spouses and their legal representatives will be involved in an agreement’s creation. During separation or divorce proceedings, asset division will also be handled privately. This is contrary to not having a prenuptial agreement as family and friends will be called on to the court to act as witnesses.

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Hire a marriage lawyer

A legal expert will not only help you in the creation of your prenuptial agreement but also help you with the legalities associated with getting married in Dubai or anywhere in UAE. Ignoring the legal aspects of the church or court marriage in Dubai does not mean they will go away. There’s a lot of problems that can crop up if two people don’t ensure that their marriage is legal and valid as the requirements for marriage weren’t accepted by authorities. A marriage lawyer in Dubai will help you ensure you won’t have to worry about any legal aspects of your marriage.

Create a guest list

The number of family, friends, and other guests, including each of their availability, has an impact on a couple’s choice of wedding venue. It is, therefore, necessary to draw up your list of guests even early in the wedding planning process. Make a guest list, but remember that it can be tricky.

This is because one set of parents may want to be involved with the wedding planning. If this is the case, then you need to discuss the guest list with them, most especially if they are contributing financially.

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Choose a good wedding planner

Depending on the budget you’ve set and the amount of time you can spare for the wedding planning, you may want to skip or complete this step. Should your budget allows for the hiring of the best wedding planner, choose to commission the help of the wedding planning professional as all aspects of the wedding will be taken care of for you.

Not only will you be able to enjoy peace of mind knowing your wedding day will be smooth and free from kinks, but you will also save a ton of money. This is because working with the best wedding planner within your budget allows you in acquiring the experience and knowledge of an expert that can get you the best deals. Wedding planners also have tricks in their hats that can keep wedding costs low.

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