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Tips Regarding a Successful Marriage in UAE

There is as much thought and effort required in having a healthy and successful marriage as planning the wedding ceremony and court marriage in Dubai. Success in marriage doesn’t come merely through meeting the right person. It’s through being your partner’s right mate.

What are the secrets of successful marriages in the UAE?

The essentials for a happy, healthy, and successful marriage in UAE are:


Relationships don’t work if there isn’t time that is invested. Never have and never will. For any successful relationship, it requires quality and intentional time together. Quality time will rarely happen if quantity time is also absent.

A relationship with your partner has to be intimate and the deepest relationship that you have. It is, therefore, going to require lots of time compared to any of your other relationships. Set aside time every single day, if possible, that is solely for your spouse. A date night in a Dubai restaurant once a week would not hurt either.

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Healthy spouses communicate. They certainly discuss the schedules of the kids, utility bills, and grocery bills. They don’t just stop there, too. They also communicate their dreams, hopes, anxieties, and fears. They don’t just mention the changes that take place with the life of their kids. They also discuss changes that are taking place within their own minds, hearts, and souls.

This essential key can’t be overlooked. This is because forthright and honest communication is the foundation for a lot of other things like trust, patience, and commitment.


Although it’ll never show on any survey, a lot of marriages end in divorce by selfishness. Surveys often blame the failure of the marriage on lack of commitment, finances, incompatibility, and infidelity. However, the root cause of most of the reasons why marriages fail is selfishness. Selfish people are committed only to themselves. They also show little patience. What’s more, they never learn the ways of being the right spouse. Share your dreams, life, and hopes with your partner so you can begin living life together.

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Patience and Forgiveness

Because no one in this world is absolutely perfect. That being said, patience and forgiveness should always be among the requirements of a marriage. Successful marriages in Dubai and across the globe involve couples that show patience and forgiveness with each other. They’re humble enough that they admit their faults, plus they don’t expect their partners to be perfect. They don’t bring up any past error just to hold the spouse hostage.

They don’t also seek in getting revenge for mistakes that occurred in the past. If you personally are currently holding onto a past hurt that was inflicted by your partner, then forgive. It’s going to set both your relationship and your heart free.

Trust and honesty

Both trust and honesty are the foundation of everything that’s in successful marriages. Unlike the majority of other essentials that are in this article, it is trust that takes a lot of time. It is possible for you to become committed, patient, and selfless in a moment. However, trust will take time always. Trust is only developed after weeks, months, or even years. Start now as it takes time. If you need or feel you need to rebuild the trust between you and your spouse, then you have to work a lot harder.


We all have our own weaknesses. Relationships always reveal faults as well, and much quicker in comparison to anything else in this world. A key building block for happy marriages in UAE isn’t a smooth court marriage in Dubai or the most lavish wedding ceremony. It is the ability in admitting you’re not perfect, you need forgiveness, and that you also make mistakes. Thinking that you are superior over your spouse will only bring forth resentment between the two of you. You will also prevent the relationship from moving towards success and growth.

Should you have an issue in this area, quickly grab a pencil. Write down the three things that your partner does incredibly and better than you. This simple exercise will help you in staying humble. If necessary, repeat as often.

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It’s more than just with our bodies. This also includes faithfulness with our mind, heart, eyes, and soul. Whenever we devote the mind to having fantasies about a different person, faithfulness to the spouse is sacrificed. Guard yourself and devote yourself entirely to your partner. It will require awareness and self-discipline, but a successful marriage and partnership is always worth the effort.

A successful, happy, and healthy marriage in UAE is more valuable and fulfilling than more temporal things that we chase in our lives. It’ll always last a lot longer, too.

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