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Guide to Prepare for Marriage – For Brides

Congratulations on your engagement! Your days, from now on, will be spent preparing for the marriage and the upcoming wedding ceremony! Regardless of whether you will have a court marriage in Dubai or a religious wedding, there will be lots of details to take care of! While you prepare for the wedding, give some thought to what comes following the wedding ceremony – your married life!

Best Ways to Prepare for Marriage – For Brides! 

Here are some tips related to marriage preparation that will help you navigate and transition into a Mrs.:

Physically prepare before the marriage 

This isn’t just a beauty ritual checklist intended for the big day. Prepare yourself physically by doing a health checkup and having an open dialogue regarding potential pregnancy. This is if it’s something that you see to happen in the near future.

Your needs as a woman change over time. This would be an excellent moment for you to talk to a gynecologist. This part of the marriage preparation can be included when you screen yourself and your partner for communicable diseases. Remember that a premarital medical examination is a necessity for soon-to-be-married couples in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Yes, this applies even when you will have a religious or court marriage in Dubai. 

You need a guardian to get married in the UAE

Make sure you’re ready to be a wife for life 

Take some time alone to do a reflection or personal check. It is absolutely a must to ask yourself if you’re prepared, sincerely, to commit to one person for your entire life. Some questions that you should ask yourself as you prepare for marriage are as follows:

  • Have you dated or went out with enough people to really know he is the one for you?
  • Are you marrying your partner because you really want to or because of familial or societal pressure? Maybe you are marrying because your social circle is already married, and you want to continue to be part of it.
  • Do you accept the imperfections of your partner?
  • Is life better when you’re with him?
  • Have you seen your future husband at his worst?
  • Has your future husband seen you at what you consider your lowest point in life? Has he comforted you? If so, how?
  • Do you have regrets as you will put your single life behind you?

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Set dates based on real-life situations 

Now that you’re engaged, dates shouldn’t be limited only to ‘exciting’ nights around town. You’ll want to see the way you and your partner react in the real world and in real-life situations prior to marriage. This is why it is very important for a couple to travel together before marriage. You also need to do the more mundane tasks together. Try to see if you can support each other in less pleasant times like during illness, caregiving to parents, or unemployment.

You may ask why this part of the pre-wedding preparation is important for the bride. This is because you would want to see every single side of your future husband. What you wouldn’t want is to marry someone who’s totally different after your ‘dating’ stage. 

Dedicate time for friends only 

This is an excellent piece of advice which you need to follow even after your wedding. Plan a vacation or weekend getaway with your friends, so you can really enjoy that one last moment with your friends only. Before you turn into a wife, have this time dedicated solely to discussions, laughter, and closeness.

It is also a nice habit to have after the wedding. It will remind you of who you are plus we are sure you will have a ton of fun!

Prepare mentally for the marriage 

Even with the best and most perfect partner, transitioning from being single to married will spark some anxiety. This is especially true if you’re already used to living and surviving on your own. While you’re immersed in the marriage preparation, ongoing discussions about how you’ll set up your married life and future household will most definitely be beneficial.

If you think you’ll need the help of experts to prepare for the marriage, be sure you pull some outside support. This can be from professional counselors. It will help you make a smoother transition to your married life. Marriage counselors specialize in helping brides and couples adjust to their new lifestyles. They can help you by providing you with tools that ensure your married life starts on the right tone.

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Bonus tip: Be close with your partner’s family

When you marry, you’re not just marrying your partner. You’re also marrying his entire family! Try to get along with your future spouse’s partners. It’ll be to the benefit of everyone, most especially if you will have children in the future.

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