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How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular and for a good reason. Combining wedding vows and an idyllic venue for the honeymoon provides simplicity. One plan and one destination can mean one huge romantic adventure.

There’s quite a lot of lists of fabulous destinations and specialized venues for a coordinated wedding and honeymoon. Dubai, United Arab Emirates is almost always among the top 3.

If you’re still unsure of where you want to go for your honeymoon, you’ll certainly find these tips helpful:

Perfect Honeymoon Destination Tips

Tip #1: Set a realistic budget

To have the ideal honeymoon, determining the budget is always the first thing a couple should do. Make sure that you sit down and consult with your partner. Then, start talking numbers. It does not matter at all if your budget is big or small. Simply arriving at a realistic budget will provide you with a clearer picture of how much you can dedicate solely to the event.

Remember that just like marriage, the quintessential honeymoon would also be a very important thing in your life. You will never forget the events even after decades. So, it’s only natural that you plan it big.

If you think that you’re falling a bit short of the expected budget, don’t fret! Try asking for extra love from friends and family in the form of wedding gifts which you can use for the honeymoon. It certainly won’t hurt!

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Tip #2: Be clear on the length of the trip

If you ask people what actually screw a travel plan the most, you’ll definitely hear people blaming it on the work schedule. This also applies to you. It is, therefore, incredibly important that you work out your work schedule in advance. See what it looks like. Then, plan the perfect honeymoon destination accordingly. What you don’t want is for people to interrupt the vacation, most especially while you’re having the most romantic candlelight dinner.

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Tip #3: Narrow down the options

Make a list of your top honeymoon destinations. Also, have your partner do the same. Pick a single option from each of your lists, then research about the place in more detail. It is a lot easier to care about amenities and prices when you are only focusing on a couple of choices. Also, there is nothing worse than having analysis paralysis and information overload. Make sure you give yourself a date for when you absolutely have to finalize the honeymoon destination in order for you to move your focus onto the other aspects of honeymoon planning.

Tip #4: Factor in every out-of-pocket cost

Perhaps you are getting a great deal for the hotel and airfare. However, it is important that you double-check the costs for eating out at local restaurants, availing activities, as well as transportation. Sometimes, the costs for these can really add up. And, it does add up way more than what you would expect! If you can, look for resorts that are all-inclusive wherein all the foods, drinks, and activities are already included with the stay.

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Tip #5: Consider the weather

Look up past the weather trends when you are planning the honeymoon. What is great with court marriage in Dubai and having the honeymoon in the emirate as well is you have incredible weather to enjoy almost any time of the year.

What you want is to avoid a location during the rainy season. Also, if you don’t think it is going to bother you so much to have a little rain shower, then go ahead and travel even in the off-season. It will most definitely save you a ton of money.

Tip #6: Keep current on what is happening with the world

Research the location you’ve set your heart upon. Make sure that you are fully aware of the health risks and other problems which you may encounter. Find out the current political and health climates for the place you want to go to, most especially when you are traveling to a place you haven’t been to yet.

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Tip #7: Read travel blogs

This is important as you would want to learn more regarding the potential offerings of your chosen venue. You can find lots of travel blogs online. You will also find trip plans and travel itineraries on travel blogs. They can help you take out the hassle of figuring out how exactly to pack all the things you’d want to experience into one trip. The majority of itineraries share restaurants they’ve eaten at, including hotels they’ve stayed at. This will help you save a considerable amount of time reading every single review of the local spots.

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