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getting married in sharjah

How to Marry in Sharjah

Marriage in Sharjah is not a quick and easy thing to do, regardless of whether you live in the emirate or not. If you are not a UAE resident and you plan on exchanging vows in the desert state, you have to make sure you prepared to do all the paperwork. A lot of UAE residents and tourists choose to have their marriage in Sharjah with the help of marriage lawyers in UAE. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on how you can marry in Sharjah to help you in the planning of your ideal wedding. Read on. 

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Sharjah Marriage Law requirements 

  • Both the bride and the groom must be of legal age (eighteen years old for both the bride and the groom for Anglican marriages)
  • The bride and the groom must not be related 
  • Presence of the bride’s father or closest male relative 
  • Two witnesses for the marriage
  • Proof of identification (applicable to bride, groom, guardian, and witnesses)

Take note: the process of marriage in Sharjah will vary depending on the nationality of the bride and the groom. It is best to consult with a marriage lawyer in UAE prior to sending the courts a marriage application. In general, it is a lot easier if the bride and the groom are both of the same religious affiliation. 

Is there a need to be a resident in Sharjah in order to get Married?

There is no residency requirement in getting married in UAE. But, it will take weeks or even months to complete the paperwork. This is why it is advise to work with legal consultants based in the country. 

 How do I get a Marriage License in Sharjah?

Couples that aren’t Muslims can marriage with the local courts, at their embassies or temples. All the documents required must furnished to the authorities. If the marriage in Sharjah used English as the language during the ceremony. Then the marriage certificate will issue in English. This, however, must translated into the Arabic language with an official translator for it to considered legal and valid in UAE. 

As soon as both the Arabic and English versions of a marriage certificate is ready, it must taken to a public notary in UAE for certification. Following the certification of a local notary, the UAE Ministry of Justice will have to authenticate the marriage certificate. After the authentication process of the UAE Ministry of Justice, a marriage certificate will forward to the Ministry/Dept of Foreign Affairs in UAE. The document then taken to an applicable embassy for attestation of the marriage certificate if it will use outside UAE. 

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What documents required for Marriage in Sharjah?

The following are the general documents require in marrying in Sharjah:

  • Attested birth certificates of the bride and the groom; 
  • Passports and certified true copies of passports of the bride and the groom; 
  • Passports and certified true copies of passports of the two male witnesses; 
  • Medical fitness certificate issued at a UAE medical center affiliated with the Ministry of Health;
  • Blood test undertaken with a medical center;
  • Sworn affidavit which states that a contracting party is free in undertaking marriage in Sharjah; 
  • Former marriage certificate if a contracting party have been annulled or divorced (annulment or divorce papers are also required);
  • Death certificate for a deceased spouse (if a contracting party is widowed)

Remember that marriage regulations in the country constantly change and get amended without notice. It is best to check with a marriage lawyer in UAE if you intend to have your wedding in Sharjah. If you need further information regarding the process of marriage in Sharjah, call us here in Dubai Court Marriage or continue reading for the frequently asked questions

What’s the process of Marriage in Sharjah  for Emiratis?

The process of marrying in Sharjah for Emirates is quite simple. Both the bride and the groom, together with the legal guardians as well as two male Muslim witnesses, are to be present. This is a requirement in completing a marriage contract ceremony. A certified and approved pre-marriage medical certificate that issued by a government clinic or hospital have to presented as well. This is to rule out any disease including HIV/AIDS or thalassemia.

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Can an Emirati Marry a non-Emirati?

 In Sharjah, the UAE legislation permits the marriage provided that conditions met by the couple. 

 The guardians of the couple both need to agree to the marriage. This is especially for the guardian of the groom. If the daughter is Emirati and the groom is non-Emirati, the father of the bride has to provide his consent. If a couple marrying in Sharjah consists of an Emirate woman and non-Emirati man, both of them have to be Muslims.

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