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A guide to Legally Married Overseas

Local civil or religious authorities often officiate marriages, depending on the foreign nation’s legal system. If the parties engage in the marriage following local law, the marriage will be recognized as lawful in the nation where it is performed. According to the rules of the country where the marriage is to be recognized, weddings performed abroad must be recognized as legal. It might take a lot of time and money to be married overseas. The procedures are different from one nation to the next, and some call for extensive planning. Find out the regulations of the nation you intend to wed in before you fly if you intend to do so in another country.

Consider getting married overseas. Many couples find getting married in a gorgeous, special place appealing, but how simple is it legal? This article focuses on the requirements to lawfully obtain married overseas.

The legal requirements for marrying abroad

It’s crucial to legally marry when travelling since your union could not be accepted if you don’t follow the local laws. The following legal conditions may apply while getting married overseas:

  • Bringing or having the appropriate documentation with you.
  • Make sure that papers are validated or translated when necessary.
  • Adhering to the minimum age and same-sex marriage requirements.
  • Confirming that you satisfy the prerequisites for legal residency.

It’s crucial to realize that both the nations in which you get married and the country in which you live must have legal criteria that your marriage satisfies. It is advisable to take legal counsel before marrying abroad.

You might need to meet the following legal requirements for marrying abroad:

  • Before a marriage may be performed, both parties must have lived there for a set amount of time.
  • A blood test.
  • Age requirement for those getting married.
  • Parental approval.
  • Documents that have been certified and translated into the local language show that a prior relationship has ended (such as death or divorce certificates).

Single Status Attestation Affidavit (Declaration of Non-Impediment):

A Certificate of No Impediment is not usually necessary while married overseas. Affidavits sworn in front of a notary public are acceptable in several nations. An Affidavit of Single Status or a Declaration of Non-Impediment may also refer to this document.

You must be conscious of the following:

1) The legality of your wedding in the nation where you exchange vows

You should be aware that if you marry overseas, the laws of the nation where you get married, not the laws of the country where you reside, determine the legal legitimacy of your union.

2) The legality of your marriage in your country of origin

You are still subject to the laws of your home country insofar as your ability to marry is concerned, even though you must satisfy the legal criteria of the nation where you are getting married.

Examples of scenarios where this may happen are:

  • Your marriage will not be accepted by the laws of your country of origin if you are under the “minimum age” and do not have a letter of consent to marry.
  • While same-sex unions are permitted in certain nations, your native country’s legal system might not recognize them.

To put it another way, for your marriage to be legally recognized in the country where you now reside, you must comply with both the legal requirements of your home country and the legal requirements of the nation where you are marrying.

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3) Paperwork

To guarantee that your marriage will be recognized legally, this describes the specifics of the papers you may be required to present and any additional requirements that may apply. Vital documents must be brought with you if you are getting married overseas. These may consist of:

  • Ensure that you have a valid passport with at least six months remaining.
  • Complete birth certificates for each party. They must be certified copies or originals.
  • The final divorce decree, or in the case of widowhood, the marriage license and death certificates,
  • If your name has changed, you must provide deed poll evidence of the change.

Original Documents

  • Most nations demand that your documents be either originals or certified copies.
  • Photocopies won’t be accepted.

Authentication, Legalization, and Apostille

An official declaration that a signature, seal, or stamp on a public document is legitimate is called authentication or legalization. Foreign authorities frequently demand this before allowing a document issued in your country to be used for official purposes. Please be aware that this method does not authenticate the document’s contents.

Generally speaking, you will require an Apostille stamp if your nation is on this list of countries that have ratified the Hague Convention – Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents. You will require an authentication or legalization certificate for other nations.

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You might be asked to have your documents translated if they are not in the native tongue of the nation in which you will be getting married.

Typically, only a qualified translator should perform this. A list of their authorized translators ought to be available from the Embassy or Consulate of the nation where your wedding will occur.

Time allowed for submitting documents

Depending on the country, different deadlines may apply for submitting your documentation.

Some nations demand you submit your paperwork many months before your wedding, but others ask that you do so a few days before the event. Make sure you are well informed of the deadline for submitting your paperwork.

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