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Tips for Planning a Simple Wedding in UAE

If you are not ready for an elopement that just involves the two of you but you would also love to be able to save some cash, simple court marriage in Dubai and a small reception will be just perfect for you!

Here are ways to keep the wedding on the smaller and simpler side:

  1. Rethink the traditional wedding.

Why don’t you take advantage of a pared-down guest list, as well as having the celebration at what would’ve been an off-limits location? After the court marriage in Dubai or in any other courts across the United Arab Emirates, consider a non-traditional wedding reception location like a private hotel room, the cozy backyard of one of your friends/family, the favorite brunch spot of your partner, or a national park.

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Generally, these kinds of locations would just require a permit, a thumbs-up from a friend or relative, or a rental. They tend to be very affordable in comparison to the larger-scale wedding venues.

Also, because the short guest list will only include friends and family members, most if not everyone invited is likely to be there, you have a lot more freedom in choosing an off-peak time or day in hosting the celebration.

Additional tip: a lot of venues provide spaces for small, intimate weddings which they don’t advertise, so it’s not going to hurt if you ask regarding your options.

  1. Opt for a shorter guest list.

Maybe you are still not sure about having a shorter guest list. However, you have to remember that the cost of weddings is based on the guest count. Let that soak in.

The number of wedding attendees won’t just determine the size of the venue, it’s also going to affect how many party favors, food, and drinks you will have to provide. Reining your guest list is one of the best ways in cutting costs. What’s a small and intimate wedding? There are those that think it is under a hundred guests. IF you really want an intimate wedding and one that’s cost-effective, we recommend ten to fifty people.

As soon as you begin paring down the list, you will likely realize it is a lot more difficult than you’d thought it would be. To help you decide, ask yourself if you have engaged with each potential guest in the past month or two. This simple question can help ensure only your dearest and nearest are attending your big day.

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  1. Don’t hesitate in asking for help.

With small, intimate, budget-friendly weddings in UAE, remember that DIY does not mean you’d have to do everything yourself. Family and friends often are your personal saviors, most especially when trying to keep wedding costs low. Enlist the help of your retired aunts for the centerpiece, see if a BFF of yours who loves baking can whip up wedding cookie favors, and ask a talented friend or cousin in doing your hair and makeup. Then, have a casual party in thanking your entire squad for each of their contributions. The approach, divide and conquer, will keep costs at a minimum and also take a bit of the DIY stress out from you.

  1. Focus on the wedding aspects that you actually care about.

Ditch the rest. If dancing is really not your thing, you don’t have to hire a DJ. Do you want a bonfire to roast s’mores rather than having a fancy wedding cake? If so, then roast away! Are you obsessed with food and beverage trucks? Ditch the pricey caterer. Does whitewash you out? Then strut down the aisle in colorful hues you’ve scored at a local consignment shop. Are you getting where we are going with this?

Foregoing the big-ticket items that aren’t really your thing won’t just help in trimming down the to-do list for the wedding. It will also trim down your budget and make the wedding more intimate and personal.

  1. Keep it personalized and stay true to who you are.

At one point during the planning process, you will likely experience pushback as you explain the intimate wedding plans to folks that are not like-minded as you. Flak may come even from relatives who are feeling scorned as they did not receive an invite. Acquaintances may also be shocked as you are planning an inexpensive affair.

Don’t fret and fear! If anyone is giving you a difficult time, then we suggest you come up with variations of this wonderful response:

We are very excited about getting married in a manner that feels right and appropriate for us; however, we appreciate your opinion.”

Bottom line, you should invite the people you want to be there during the court marriage in Dubai and wedding reception. Break traditions, try keeping things simple and stress-free, and NEVER second-guess yourself.

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