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Tips for Budget-Friendly Wedding in Dubai

Not everyone wants a lavish wedding and spends big on the wedding day. That’s absolutely fine. Every year, the cost of weddings, including court marriage in Dubai rise. If you don’t fancy having to spend a huge amount for just a single day, here are some tips to help you start planning an intimate and budget-friendly wedding in Dubai:

Try saving costs on the food and beverage bill

For a vintage and intimate feel for the reception, consider a bake-off buffet or summer BBQ. This way, everyone can show off each of their culinary skills after the exchanging of the vows or court marriage in Dubai. Get your friends and family members who are known to cook particularly well in helping with the food. Call them ahead so you know the menu for the wedding reception in advance.

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Go for affordable filling foods such as pasta, pizza, and rice. Don’t forget to style them up. The pizza, for instance, can be served thin-crust which was made from the wood-fired oven.

After dinner, you don’t have to pay extra for dessert! After all, you’ve got the wedding cake already. For guests that want to stay up late, have late-night snacks such as sausage butties, crackers and cheese, and crisps and dip.

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Just pick on a meal for serving

There is nothing worse than having hungry guests even when they’re only friends and family. The start time for the wedding is going to impact the food and beverage bill. If you will start the court marriage in Dubai in the later part of the day, you’ll only have to feed your guests one meal.

Pick a time that allows the guests in having lunch prior to the wedding. Then, focus the budget on a good early evening meal.

Consider having cheap wedding decorations

Here are the best ways to save on the wedding decoration:

  • Lighting is cheap, but it has a huge impact. See what lighting your venue needs. Then, see if you can complement the primary lighting sources with tea lights or fairy lights to add decor.
  • Go preloved or score deals on your decor. Just think about it. You are only going to use the decorative pieces once. There are package deals you can scour online for table runners, table planers, and centerpieces. If they’re someone else’s wedding decor, then they’re most definitely going to be cheap.
  • Focus on a couple of statement pieces. An alternative to this is going for a themed wedding reception. Your table decor can also double as the icebreakers e.g. funny props for the photos, little favors people can take away, or questions of how well the guests know the newly-wed couple.
  • Glassware like the trendy mason jars can also bring beauty from a reflected ambiance to the lighting. You can collect the normal glass jars rather than buying the expensive trendy ones.
  • If you will be using two separate spaces for the reception and the ceremony, just have the decorations and flowers moved across instead of getting two sets.

DIY the photo booth

Photo booths have already become staples for weddings over the recent years. However, they are not cheap. Good news: you can collect funny pictures of the wedding by simply setting up a tablet or mobile phone on a tripod. Just position it in a corner in your wedding venue. You can also head to the local dress shop to get silly hats.

Have talented relatives and friends contribute

Maybe your guest list already includes a florist, photographer, and hairdresser. Maybe one of the family members is also a professional chef. If so, then try asking them in helping you cut the wedding costs by gifting their time and effort rather than getting you a wedding present.

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Ask for hand-me-downs

A much-loved heirloom will have more significance rather than a new expensive ring. What’s best is that it is free! Ask your family members to loan or even give some of the jewelry sitting in their boxes for some hand-me-downs. You never know – you might just get lucky!

Remember: The perfect wedding day does not mean spending loads!

Too many couples force themselves to go through a wanna-have wedding list – flowing champagne, a five-star honeymoon, platinum rings, a film star wedding dress. Only then will they ask how they will pay for it.

Before you even start creating a wedding to-do list, set a budget! Ask yourself, “How much money can I afford to spend?” When you have the answer, try your best in staying within the budget. This is key in having a memorable and stress-free wedding.

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