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Interfaith marriage – Hindu groom and Christian bride

What is an interfaith marriage?

Interfaith marriage also called mixed marriages are the marriage between people belonging to a different religion. The permissibility of such marriages varies from one region to another. For over a decade or two interfaith marriages also known as mixed marriage have taken a toll as more and more people are having an inclination of marrying a person whom he/she loves and spend their life with irrespective of the caste, religion or nationality they belong to.

This may sound very attractive, but on the other hand, people should also consider having a look at the consequences of such marriages do not work. A failed marriage is unpleasant for the husband-wife and more unpleasant if the kids are involved as well. Dubai court marriages or the UAE laws for marriages aims to protect the right of the couple and their children involved in a marriage and hence it has set rules for all types of marriages that are taking place in the country.

In this article, we will be discussing how to have an interfaith marriage in Dubai if the bride is a Christian and the groom is a Hindu.

Marriage as per the UAE law

The UAE law states marriage as a contract between a man and a woman and the motive of the law is to protect the rights of the husband, wife and the children involved in a marriage.

General requirements of marriage in the UAE

The following are the general points to be considered before a marriage can take place in the UAE-

  1. The marriage should be held only after the approval of the bride
  2. In Dubai, at least one of the parties i.e. either the bride or the groom must be having a residence visa of the UAE. for other emirates both the parties must possess a valid residency visa.
  3. The pre-marital screening certificate for both the bride and the groom shall be presented.

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General laws directing a marriage in the UAE

There are certain rules that are applicable for a marriage to take place in the UAE-

  1. The law in the UAE does not allow a man and a woman to stay together unless they are married.
  2. The marriage must be legally valid in the UAE. in order for this to happen, one must get the marriage approved by the relevant authorities. It is best to seek the help of the marriage lawyers in the UAE who can help you in sorting out all the documentation issues related to marriage and they also assist you through all the marriage attestation processes.
  3. Same gender marriages are not allowed in the UAE. they stand prohibited as per the UAE law.

Marriage procedure for non-Muslims in UAE

The procedure of marriage for non-Muslims varies depending upon the nationalities and the religion of the parties. Generally, the parties shall approach the embassy to conclude and register the marriage.

In general, for the marriage to be held, the documents of the parties have to be in place. The documents include-

  • Birth certificate of the bride and groom to prove that they are 18 years and above in age
  • Valid passports of the bride and groom
  • Visa and the Emirates ID of the bride and the groom
  • The resident visa of at least one of the applicants as at least one of the applicants must be a resident of UAE for the marriage to take place
  • Passports and ID proofs of the witnesses
  • Medical fitness certificates of the bride and the groom

In order to register a marriage in the UAE and to make it valid, the marriage certificate issued by the court has to be translated into Arabi, by an official translator. The marriage certificate has then to be taken to the notary public for attestation and then has to be attested by the Ministry of Justice and then by the Ministry of foreign affairs. The best way to get these procedures done easily in the UAE is to appoint an experienced and skilled lawyer who can help you in getting the certificate authenticated and attested by the notary public.

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Professional marriage lawyers in UAE

Expats must consider taking the help of marriage lawyers in the UAE if they plan to get married and settle here. Marriage is the most memorable day in one’s life and Dubai Court Marriage understands this. We are here to help you with all sorts of documentation and procedural help related to your marriage, whether you marry a person of the same religion as yours or you plan to go for an interfaith one.


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