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Why Filipinas Decide to Marry in Dubai

Dubai is the city of expats. They come here and settle down here as they find the place full of opportunities and the weather in UAE is also very pleasant. Out of the expat’s population in the UAE, we can find that Filipinos are huge in number. No doubt with so many Filipinos having their workplace as Dubai, Dubai or the UAE is ideal for them to get married and settle down here. To get married in the UAE, one must go for Dubai Court Marriage as it helps in making the marriage validated in the UAE as in their home countries.

In this article, we will discuss what are the top reasons why Filipinos decide to marry and settle down in the UAE or Dubai and also how one can register Filipino marriage in the UAE.

Reasons why Filipino expats like getting married in the UAE

  • Career Opportunities

The UAE gives an extensive opportunity for the expats for building their career and get a sustainable jobs. Therefore, Filipinos being very hard working and intelligent people grab this opportunity to earn their living.

  • Higher standards of living and a good lifestyle

The Filipinos also find Dubai as a great place to settle down as the life style in the UAE is very good and comfortable. They enjoy the lovely weather especially in the winters and hence love this place in totality.

  • Better public transport

In the previous years, it was impossible for a person staying in the UAE to move around without owning a car. This trend has shifted now as more and more public transport options are available now. The bus, metro, taxi, trams and the latest addition to public transport, the ferry has changed the way people travel with the country. The transport system in the UAE has improved further with the addition of water taxis and water busses.

  • The availability of Filipino curriculum schools and institutes

The schools and institutes in the UAE are another reason why Dubai is a favorite destination for Filipinos. There are dedicated institutes and schools for Filipinos in the UAE. Therefore, Filipinos do not need to worry about their kid’s education and jobs if they plan to marry and settle down in the UAE.

Considering the above factors, Filipinos love to get married in the UAE and settle down and have children here. There are set rules and procedures for the marriage of the Filipinos to get solemnized, and one must consult the marriage lawyers in Dubai to get a good guidance over the documentation and procedural requirements for a Filipino marriage in Dubai. 

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The general documentation requirements for a Filipino marriage in the UAE

In the UAE, Filipino expats have to give proof that they are in the legal capacity to get married. The following are the documentary requirements in general-

  1. Marriage application form of each party
  2. Announcement form for marriage
  3. Joint affidavit form
  4. Marriage report

The list of enclosures is as listed below-

  1. Recent passport size photos of both the parties
  2. Certificate of No Marriage or CENOMAR certificate issued by national statistics organization in Philippines that has been authenticated by the DFA
  3. Consent of the parents authenticated by the DFA
  4. Original passports of both the parties along with the passport copies
  5. Visa and Emirates ID of both the parties
  6. The advice of the parents authenticated by DFA
  7. Certificate of civil status from the consulate or the embassy
  8. Pre-marriage health certificate certifying the health status of the couple

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For a marriage to be registered in the Dubai courts, the applicants must be in the UAE. either of them shall be holding the residence visa. A marriage lawyer may help in getting a marriage registered and recognized in the UAE.

One must approach a marriage specialist to get an idea regarding the procedure, documents and other requirements for a marriage to get recognized in the UAE as well as the home country.

In the UAE, Mazoons are the authorized people by the UAE government for making a marriage registered in the courts. The married status is allotted by the judge in the UAE courts. After receiving the fee, the submitted marriage application is reviewed by the judge. If everything is in place, the marriage certificate is issued to the applicant. In case, where any document is missing or any information given is found to be false, the marriage is declared to be void or invalid.

To avoid the loss of time and efforts in making a marriage recognized as per the UAE law, one must approach skilled lawyers in the UAE. At Dubai court marriage, we will help you deal with all sorts of marriage procedures and formalities as per the laws that are applicable in the UAE.

Hazim Darwish Practicing law for almost a decade, he has in-depth knowledge on UAE legislation with particular expertise on family law, and regulatory compliance for business organizations. Hazim Darwish also provides counsel on legal rights and obligations in the UAE to clients, including individuals and businesses subject to investigation or prosecution under Criminal Law by major regulators.