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Hindu Marriage Ceremony in Dubai

Your journey towards a blissful married life begins right after the engagement. The wedding planning, starting from the venue up to the outfits, can easily lead you in forgetting the fact that there are necessary steps to take, most especially if you want a successful Hindu marriage in Dubai.

For a Hindu marriage in Dubai, it’s necessary to know all of the legalities and formalities required beforehand.

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Step 1: Discuss the critical conversations related to the upcoming Hindu marriage.

It’s a wonderful feeling to have finally found a partner with who you’ll be sharing your life. However, living in very close proximity to each other, as well as interacting with the two families will require negotiation, consideration, skill, and more importantly, compromise. It’s absolutely necessary to have difficult conversations on critical concerns. Make sure you don’t skip this step prior to your Hindu marriage ceremony in Dubai as this can help you pay the way for a happy marital relationship. The critical conversation topics you need to clear are the following:

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  • Family structure – it’s a great idea if you create a vision as to what you’d like your family to be. Take some time and give thought to where you’d like to be 5, 10, and 30 years from now. what if your future spouse wants to settle in Dubai or anywhere in UAE as it presents a great opportunity? Will you be willing in dedicating most of your life to the country, possibly away from where you grew up in? Would both you and your partner consider the career location of the other person prior to pursuing his or her own opportunity?
  • Children – if you’re planning on having children from your Hindu marriage in Dubai, when exactly would you want to start planning? Is there a minimum or a maximum number of kids you would like to have? How many kids does your partner want? What parenting styles that originate from your upbringing would you want to include or exclude when raising your own kids? Who’ll be staying home in order to take care of the children? Should you be hiring a maid or nanny or will the grandparents be helping out?
  • Living arrangements – For a Hindu marriage in UAE, at least one of the contracting parties to the marriage has to be of Indian descent and a holder of a UAE residency visa. Following the wedding and potentially both spouses residing in the UAE, will you be conforming to the traditional gender roles? Girls are often encouraged in focusing on their careers while men are expected to participate in household chores. Do you want to retain the traditional role structure at home?
  • Extended family – do you want consistent close interactions with your extended family? What will be the way for you to split time for two different families during festivals and holidays?
  • Disclosures – transparency is very important if you want the trust to be present in the relationship. Being open regarding past relationships, and the significant mental health and medical history of your immediate family and close blood relatives will prove to be very important. Take note: mood disorders and depression are heritable illnesses. They also affect a Hindu marriage in Dubai profoundly. If you discuss all these ways ahead of time, you can develop a plan to manage your relationship should issues occur.

Step 2: Factor in considerations for interfaith marriage.

Interfaith marriages are now the new reality of living in Dubai, particularly for Hindus that are residing in the UAE. Differences in faith will usually be a challenge when deciding the wedding ceremony in UAE. It’s critical to make an informed decision in order to make sure you have a successful and happy marriage. Belonging to different religions in a marriage will require you to be open-minded and accepting. The areas to consider when you’re leaning towards Hindu marriage in UAE are as follows:

  • What kind of Hindu wedding ceremonies do you plan on performing?
  • Which of the many Hindu wedding rituals is your partner comfortable with?
  • Does your spouse have concerns regarding a Hindu marriage in Dubai?
  • In a Hindu marriage in Dubai, the participation of the extended family is actually built onto the wedding ceremony itself. Does your future spouse feel comfortable with your cousins and uncles taking on important roles for the wedding?

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Step 3: Submit the application and other requirements for Hindu marriage in Dubai.

There are several requirements for a Hindu marriage in Dubai to be considered legal and valid in the eyes of the law. In the emirate of Dubai, all Hindu marriages are performed at the Dubai Hindu Temple by the Maharaj. The temple is being run by the Indian consulate to solemnize marriages. Initial requirements are as follows:

  • Contracting parties must be of legal age for a Hindu marriage
  • Both individuals must not be previously married to any other person
  • Notice of Intended Marriage and application form duly completed must be provided
  • Proof of identification and completed statutory declaration for previous marriages

On the wedding day, there will be a need for two legal witnesses with UAE residency visas. There are also other requirements for a Hindu marriage in Dubai, depending on the nationality, residency status, and religious affiliations of the contracting parties to a marriage. For specific advice on your situation, call us here in Dubai Court Marriage today!

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