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First metaverse wedding in the UAE: All you must know

The Metaverse is the internet’s next big thing, and it has the potential to transform how digital meetings are organized. Virtual gatherings, concerts, games, athletic events, and other activities may occur in the Metaverse in the coming years. And, surprise, you might be able to marry in the Metaverse. Weddings on the ground are no longer popular. Thanks to the Metaverse world! Covid-19 revolutionized our lives to the point where marriages were redesigned. While Zoom weddings swept the globe in 2021, many in-person ceremonies adopted live streaming as a standard. A Metaverse wedding takes things a step further.

Florian Ughetto and Liz Nunez made history by being the first couple in the United Arab Emirates to marry in the Metaverse. The celebration, attended by the couple’s close relatives and friends, took place in Decentraland.

What is Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual environment in which avatars in their online interactions represent humans. Artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality will be used to bring 3D avatars together in virtual locales in the Metaverse (AR).

In simple words, the Metaverse is the construction of a virtual reality in which human avatars will be present due to technological advancements. Companies can develop such Metaverses for various reasons, including entertainment, education, and commerce.

What is a Metaverse wedding, exactly?

The Metaverse is a virtual reality platform that allows people to communicate with one another using augmented reality, 3D holographic avatars, and films. Fashion shows, interior design businesses, movies, restaurants — even weddings — are just some of the new social connections available in this virtual world.

Thanks to technology, happy couples may select a venue, a personalized cake, or even a customized wedding gown or tuxedo while lying in bed in their pyjamas.

Guests were asked to attend the ceremony, and avatars dressed up in finery stood by to watch the exchange of vows.

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How did the Metaverse wedding in the UAE go?

Florian and his wife Liz had gone down the aisle in their private plot on Decentraland, dressed in a snazzy, tailored black and brown suit and a stunning white dress acquired for around $100 on the largest NFT marketplace Open Sea. Florian and Liz’s wedding was a seamless blend of the actual and virtual worlds. The evening got off to a lovely start as the guests, including the bride and groom’s parents, joined the festivities over Zoom. The in-person ceremony took place in a friend’s backyard, surrounded by nature and animals.

Due to the practical issues of gathering both of their families in one place, Florian and Liz opted to have their wedding on Metaverse. Both sets of the family were able to attend the Metaverse wedding, making it a memorable occasion for the young couple.

Other Instances of Metaverse Wedding

  1. First Metaverse Wedding in the United States, 2021

The first couple to marry in the Metaverse while taking vows in the real world has already been recognized. Traci, 52, and Dave Gagnon, 60, of the United States donned the identical wedding costumes as the real-life couple and paid tribute to how they met nearly six years ago — at a virtual office function.

Virbela, a sister Company to the firm where the couple met and worked, hosted the celebration. According to Insider, the virtual wedding cost over $30,000, but with less customization, the price might fall to $10,000.

  1. Metaverse Wedding in India

More than 3,000 people attended India’s first Metaverse wedding celebration in February 2022, arranged by newlyweds who wished to circumvent coronavirus limitations on their special day. In the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Dinesh SP, 24, and his girlfriend Janaganandhini Ramaswamy, 23, married in a traditional ceremony. They opted to conduct their reception in the virtual world because the number of guests was limited to 100.

They weren’t the first in the Metaverse to host a wedding ceremony.

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Is Metaverse Wedding Legal?

There are legal concerns, as it is illegal for a couple to get married while physically separated from one other in most jurisdictions. In the actual world, marrying in the Metaverse is undoubtedly legal because it is not criminal. Not so much in terms of being legally binding. The subject of how technology may be utilized for rituals like marriages is now a new area, but Metaverse weddings are not yet legally binding in the real world.

Just because a Metaverse marriage isn’t legally binding in the actual world doesn’t mean there won’t be legal concerns. Questions regarding Metaverse behaviour and whether it’s actionable in the real world are already being raised. The meta-marriage certificate created makes the marriage recognized. The meta-marriage certificate is a Web3 idea, not a legal document.


One thing is straightforward: life is becoming increasingly digital and online. Therefore, it was inevitable that weddings and other significant social events would eventually follow suit. And there are a lot of possibilities for how this trend can evolve in the future. A Metaverse wedding is a fantastic way to have a low-cost celebration where you may customize the venue and elements to your liking. There are many options for planning and constructing Metaverse weddings, and you may let your imagination run wild and incorporate a lot of unique details.

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