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How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Wedding in Dubai

Picking out your wedding jewelry is a very exciting part of planning a wedding, whether it’s a religious or court marriage in Dubai. Your bridal jewelry will be the finishing touches that’s going to put your wedding look together. However, when you select your bridal jewelry, you need to do so with utmost care. What you want is to wear the pieces that can elevate your look instead of overshadowing it. 

In order to help you determine the best bridal jewelry for your upcoming wedding, we’ve put together a guide for selecting the right wedding accessories. Read on!

Step 1: Take into consideration the neckline of the wedding dress.

When selecting the ideal jewelry for your church or court marriage in Dubai, it is important that you take into consideration how the accessories will complement your dress. The jewelry must look harmonious with the dress instead of clash with it. An easy way in making sure your accessories complement your outfit is considering how your options will work with the neckline of your dress. Try picking out the ones that fill in the gaps or the ones that cover the skin that is shown from your dress. 

 Remember: your accessories shouldn’t overlap with your dress. They must only add the right amount of shimmer and glitter for accent. In order to give you an idea on the kinds of jewelry which work best with the different dress necklines, here are some tips to remember:

  • Strapless neckline – a strapless dress for your court marriage in Dubai or religious wedding will leave a lot of bare, exposed skin around your collarbone. This is the best time for you to wear a chunky necklace. If you will be wearing a dress with a strapless neckline, go for a short-length, chunky necklace or a choker. Longer necklaces often look unbalanced with dresses that are strapless. The key is selecting a necklace which sits beautifully and at the center or topmost part of the exposed skin in your chest. 
  • High neckline or halter neckline – a halter-style wedding dress, including a wedding dress that has a high neckline won’t leave enough space for a necklace. Typically, we recommend skipping necklaces altogether. Consider balancing the high neckline or halter neckline with a shimmering pair of earrings and some bangles or any eye-catching bracelet. 
  • Sweetheart neckline – a medium-length pendant or a medium-length drop necklace will be the perfect accent of a sweetheart neckline. A simple necklace, bracelets, and earrings tend to work great with a sweetheart neckline as this style has a more delicate and romantic look. 
  • V-neckline – a simple pendant necklace will be a great accent to a V-neck gown as it echoes the shape of your neckline. For a plunging V-neck, try choosing a drop necklace in order to accent the dramatic shape of the dress. Consider as well skipping the necklace entirely if you want statement earrings instead. Just remember to let your dramatic v-neckline speak for itself! 

 Step 2: Remember less is more. 

It will be very tempting for you to go big with the bridal jewelry. There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from. So, naturally, you would want to wear everything during the big day! We would advise you to remember that less is more when it comes to your wedding look. After all, the focus must be on you rather than your wedding accessories. 

In order to avoid looking overly done, make sure that you have the bridal jewelry with you during the final dress fitting. This way, you can see how everything looks when paired together. There might be one or two accessories which stand out. If that is the case, then consider skipping them and switch to more subtle pieces. More often than not, two or even less is what you need in completing your wedding look. 

Step 3: Consider the color of the dress and your wedding hairstyle. 

Your choice of hairstyle for your wedding day will have a huge impact on the kinds of jewelry which will look great with the look you’ve chosen. It’s especially true for ear accessories. Up-dos can offer flexibility with earrings. If you will be wearing hair jewelry, consider how it will pair with a necklace and your earrings. A bold hairpiece can complement more subdued earrings and a necklace. 

As for the color of the dress, figure out which shade of white you will be wearing. This is something you should always consider when picking out jewelry. The bridal dress can be bright white, ivory, champagne white, ecru, or candlelight. For a harmonious look, look for the bridal jewelry which complements the color of the dress. Platinum jewelry or white gold tends to look great with true white dresses. Rose gold and yellow gold tend to work best with the warmer shades of white.

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