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The Best Locations for a Destination Wedding for Foreigners

There are some places in the world where getting married is far less difficult than in others e.g. getting married in Dubai. It’s typically due to regulations and requirements on residency. As such, a thriving local industry has developed around each of the places where non-resident couples can get married.

We’ve asked the most established wedding coordinators and experts on marriage in UAE on visit visa regarding the best places for a destination wedding for foreigners. Find out what they have to say!

Popular Places for Getting Married Abroad

It’s safe to say that most of us dream of having a memorable Dubai court marriage. Apart from religious or court marriage in Dubai, there are places where you can have a dreamy destination wedding.

A destination wedding can be the best option for you if you want to combine the elements of travel, adventure, and tons of fun into your big day. It’s also great if you want to have a wedding with magnificent historical architecture, views of the ocean, desert, mountains, or a combination of these elements. Continue reading to get ethereal ideas for your own vacation wedding.

  • Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, which is located in Northern Italy and borders the gorgeous foothills or base of the Alps, is home to some stunning natural landscapes. The growing popularity of this location has resulted in the availability of a diverse range of event locations, from enchanting houses with historically significant architecture to opulent settings directly on the water’s edge.

Requirements for marriage in Italy for foreigners are minimal, but it’s advised to contact the consulate of your home country based in Italy in order to get official advice on the necessary documents. It’s possible to have either a religious or civil wedding ceremony in Italy.

You may want to know Everything to plan a destination wedding in the UAE

  • Suffolk, England

If the idea of spending the weekend in an English countryside sounds like the most enticing thing in the world to you, then Suffolk, England is the destination for you. Your wedding will be held in the most charming location possible as it will take place in this picture-perfect location, which is where history and elegance meet. You have your choice of breathtaking historic hotels tucked away in the countryside, as well as stunning mansion venues complete with immaculately maintained lawns.

If neither you nor your soon-to-be spouse is from the European Economic Area or Switzerland, you will have to submit an application for a UK marriage visitor visa in order for you to have your destination wedding in England.

  • Dubai, UAE

Because of its accessibility from across the globe, Dubai has quickly gained a reputation for being an emerging tourist and wedding destination. Dubai is not only known for its breathtaking desert landscapes, beaches and picturesque skyscrapers, but it is also a city that is rich in historical significance. No matter which direction you turn in Dubai, you will find stunning natural scenery and fascinating historical sites, such as Al Seef and Dubai Old Town.

You should know how Making your wedding destination legal without the hassle

Under the new legislation, individuals who are not Muslim and who are not nationals of a Muslim country can apply for marriage in Dubai. This applies to residents, visitors, and tourists in the emirate. There are many experts on Dubai court marriage whom you can seek help from to comply with the legal requirements for your destination wedding in Dubai, UAE.

Take note: if you plan on getting married in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, it is mandatory to undergo a comprehensive health check. One of the legal requirements for marriage is a premarital screening certificate Dubai issued by a primary health care facility. Marriage of foreigners in Dubai can involve the court or religious traditions of couples.

Seek the help of legal experts of Dubai Court Marriage

Once you’ve selected the location of your upcoming destination wedding, we suggest you seek the help of legal experts on marriage for foreigners in the country or place you’ve chosen. This is because there are legal requirements that have to be complied with. The required legal paperwork typically includes birth certificates, passports valid for 6 months or longer, adoption certificates (if applicable), death certificate or previous marriage certificate (for widows and widowers), and affidavit stating no objection to the union (duly signed).

If you are handling all of the preparations on your own, it is possible to have a successful destination wedding in Dubai or any location of your choice. However, it’s best to seek accurate guidance and advice from legal experts especially since you are not a resident of your wedding location. At Dubai Court Marriage Lawyers, our seasoned specialists on getting married in Dubai will take care of the legal requirements for marriage on your behalf and even process your wedding certificate and license. The seasoned marriage lawyers of the firm can provide legal marriage advice that’s bespoke to your unique situation and objectives.

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