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Ajman Court Marriage Procedure

The Ajman Judiciary Department is responsible for formally issuing and registering marriage contracts in the city, on or off its property. Suppose the marriage contract is to take place on the grounds of the Judiciary Department. In that case, prospective spouses must go to the marriage contracts department with witnesses and legal guardians and present the necessary paperwork. It is required to attend or call the Judiciary Department to seek and reserve a marriage judge if the marriage ceremony is to take place anywhere other than the Judicial Department’s facilities, such as a house. (An electronic form of booking is also available.)

The prospective parties may obtain the marriage contract and an authenticated copy from the Judiciary Department within two to three days of the marriage proceedings being completed.

Documents Required  to Get Married in Ajman

  1. IDs for both the guardian and the attorney, if any, and the engaged couple (original and copy)
  2. For citizens of the UAE, a family book (original and copy)
  3. Non-UAE nationals’ passports (original and copy)
  4. Witness ID cards from Emirates (original and copy)
  5. A certified copy of the actual premarital health examination (issued by an approved medical center).

Online Marriage in Ajman

Online marriage is popular in the UAE, particularly in Ajman. Even with the restrictions placed on population-wide cooperation and growth, online marriage in Ajman enables a couple to be married. This initiative was launched during the epidemic.

The local authorities imposed strict regulations to stop COVID-19 from spreading and causing devastating respiratory illnesses. According to the Ministry of Justice, UAE residents are encouraged to schedule an online wedding via video. Anyhow, the necessary reports must be audited and supported by a strict pioneer or a court-delegated marriage official.

The requirements will enable a marriage officiant to confirm a couple’s character in front of spectators. Before scheduling a time with the experts, an application must be sent to them. The Ajman internet wedding was sent to ensure the general’s well-being and wealth. A wedding service won’t put court employees in danger, and the caliber of representatives can be constrained.

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Muslim Expatriates Getting Married in Ajman

No matter their origin, country, or religion, UAE citizens may be married in Ajman. Either the couple’s religion or the Ajman Courts may officiate during the wedding ceremony. When the COVID-19 epidemic is over, Muslim ex-pats may have their marriages officiated in the Ajman Courts or at their homes with religious officiants. The court must be notified of the proposed marriage and receive the required paperwork. If there are two witnesses and all the necessary paperwork is turned in, a marriage can only be conducted legally. Within a few days following the ceremony date, an Ajman Courts marriage certificate will be issued.

Non-muslim Foreigners May Be Married in Ajman

In Ajman, non-Muslims may be married at a church, at home, or in a strange government building. Given that the two individuals are Christians, wedding ceremonies may be conducted at places of worship in Ajman. Ajman Courts must provide marriage permission for a union that is intended to take place inside the congregation. To register their marriage with the relevant consulate is strongly advised (s). A marriage must be registered with the relevant professionals, including embassies and Ajman Courts, whether it took place in a gathering, sanctuary, or court in Ajman or not.

Marriage Requirements in Ajman 

  1. Proof of the bride’s and the groom’s births;
  2. Wedding couple’s original and copies;
  3. Wedding couple’s residency or visitation visas;
  4. Check-up before getting married;
  5. If the applicant is widowed, divorced, or single, the marriage status certificate (attested) should indicate that fact. The attestation must be complete, which means it must have each stamp, seal, and sign used by the appropriate authorities to vouch for the document’s validity.
  6. The couple must possess either a current UAE visit visa or a valid UAE resident visa. A certificate from a medical practitioner certifying that the couple is eligible to wed must be presented by both parties. Additionally, consent for marriage in Ajman must be given by the bride’s guardian. If the bride’s father is not there, the male member of the bride’s next-of-kin who is present may be regarded as the bride’s guardian. It is necessary to have the individual’s approval. It may be required for the cleric sheik to act as the guardian in certain circumstances.

How May Dubai Court Marriage Assist You?

Regulations are imposed at the authorities’ discretion. Therefore criteria and procedures for marriage might vary. Speaking with marriage attorneys in the UAE is preferable if you want more explicit guidance relevant to your particular case. At Dubai Court Marriage, our marriage lawyers in the UAE will be able to provide you with a complete breakdown of all the criteria and requirements that you must satisfy to perform a marriage in Ajman. Don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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