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Essential Points to Create the Perfect Wedding Invitation

Sending what, to whom, and when can be tricky when it comes to wedding invitations. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide on creating the beautiful stationery which will give guests the first impression for the big day! Regardless of whether you will have a court marriage in Dubai or one with religious context, read on. 

Practicalities for Creating Wedding Invitations in Dubai 

We’ll start with these points, which will help you make the right decisions related to your Dubai wedding invitations:

  1. Send them at least six months prior to the wedding – your “save the date” wedding invitations should be sent out to guests early so they can make the appropriate preparations for the big day. You can even send them up to a year before your religious or court marriage in Dubai. If your wedding involves holiday weekend celebrations, then you can never offer your guests with too much notice!
  2. Follow up on the RSVP three months before the wedding – you should follow up on all those who have not responded three months before your wedding date. You can skip this provided you indicate a date or deadline for the RSVP. 
  3. Choose a style that reflects yours – do you like modern graphic design or romantic calligraphy? Give your guests with a taste of your style or even the theme of the upcoming celebration! Look up on Pinterest for some inspiration. It’s the best place to begin the fun yet also stressful task of ensuring your wedding invitations look great. Don’t forget to set the tone of the upcoming wedding using the invitations. 
  4. Be specific on who you will invite – it will greatly help you and your partner avoid awkward conversations later on! For instance, specify you want Johnny + partner or Sally and John + family. 
  5. Include a fun question – it is best if your guests feel involved with the festivities even from the time they open your wedding invite! You can ask any sort of question like their favorite holiday destination, drink or cocktail, or favorite dance song. Their answer should be on your RSVP. We’re sure you will enjoy each of their responses! 

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Tips on Designing a Stunning Wedding Invite 

Less is more.  This is the common design philosophy when designing court marriage invitation cards. The days wherein wedding invitations were loaded with sequins and motifs are already gone. To help you arrive with design the card that’s perfect for you, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  1. Decide on the font – This is among the most important parts that make or break a wedding invitation card’s appeal. For instance, the font may be too big or too small, creating lots of ambiguity. Try to move away from the novelty fonts. Select the design that is timeless and will last a lot longer. You can also experiment with a different style rather than one that is far too formal.
  2. Select the right shape and size for you – You can either stick with the traditional size or play with more modern shapes e.g. round or geometric. Regardless of what it is you decide on, just try refraining from selecting a bulking shape. This won’t just increase your cost for posting, it will also make it hard to manage or carry as you send out the invitations to your guests. 
  3. Match the colors and patterns with the font – For instance, a dark color that is against a darker-colored background will create boredom.  don’t forget guests need to read the information on the card. Your experimentation should not intervene with your invitations’ legibility. Regardless of how innovative you are or choose to be as you design the cards, you must not devoid of the most basic requirements. 
  4. Try to not make it look clumsy –A lot of people always include too much on invites, making them look clumsy and disordered. Get positive suggestions from experts or friends and family about your wedding cards. Rather than including too much information, especially details that are not really important, incorporate things which guide guests to your marriage venue. You can also emphasize the date and attire of guests for the wedding.
  5. Abandon floral motifs – This is if you don’t want the traditional wedding invitations for your religious or court marriage in Dubai. It’s time to stick with the new décor which already made its way to wedding invitations – minimalism. What’s great about minimalist wedding invitations is they stick out! Yes, even when they’re not bright and vibrant, filled to the brim with different colors and patterns. 

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