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Objectives of Pre-Marriage Medical Test in Dubai

Marriage is society’s fundamental building block. It’s the cornerstone for developing healthy emotional and family relationships. A healthy marriage in Dubai guarantees the prevention of infectious and hereditary diseases for family members; thus, allowing them to maintain a stable and happy family. A healthy marriage in UAE is when a couple is in a state of harmony and agreement with regards to several different aspects, such as social, legislative, and psychological among others. The result of a healthy marriage is a sound family, as well as healthy offspring.

If you plan on getting married in UAE, pre-marriage medical testing is a requirement.  premarital screening is the process of testing a couple that’s planning on getting married. The test will look out for common genetic disorders of the blood such as sickle cell anemia. Infectious diseases will be checked as well e.g. HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B. Pre-marriage medical testing in Dubai – marriage medical test Dubai – aims in giving a medical understanding of the odds for transmitting diseases to a future spouse and children. The test will also provide spouses and partners with options that will help them in planning for a healthier family.

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Objectives of a premarital medical test in Dubai are as follows:

  • Reducing financial burdens of the community and the family in treating persons with diseases;
  • Avoiding psychological and social issues for families with kids that are suffering;
  • Reducing pressure over blood banks and health institutions;
  • Promoting awareness regarding the concept of a healthy marriage;
  • Limiting the rapid spread of genetic blood diseases and infectious diseases

Couples who are planning in getting married in Dubai soon are recommended to perform the premarital screening months prior to the date of the court marriage. This is not only to ensure compliance with marriage laws in UAE but also for couples to be able to plan their lives a lot better. Premarital compatibility certificates are only valid for six months. A medical test for infectious diseases may be conducted as needed.

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Premarital screening in UAE includes several medical consultation sessions and lab tests. It can be conducted at government medical institutions across the country. a couple that is planning on getting married in UAE can be received separately or together without any prior scheduled appointments.

What happens if there is a disease that’s uncovered with the medical test?

In the event that there is an abnormality in the results of a premarital medical screening test, the couple will be meeting with the doctor. The physician will provide counseling and clarification to the couple. If needed, a specialist will be recommended.

  • The doctor will be explaining the situation of the couple, provide answers to any concerns, address any fears, as well as advise on suitable options in taking a decision related to marriage.
  • The information regarding the couple will be treated with full confidentiality.
  • With a couple that still wishes to push through with the marriage, they’ll be asked in signing a consent as part of the premarital medical report that will be issued.

Marriage Medical Test Dubai:

What are the Requirements to Take a Premarital Medical Screening Test in Dubai?

The requirements to take the medical exam required for getting married in Dubai are as follows:

  • Identity card (For Emirati citizens)
  • Valid passport
  • Valid residency permit (original)
  • Colored passport size photos (four)

What are the other Requirements for Marriage in Dubai?

Documents required for marriage for Emirati citizens:

  • Identity cards of contracting parties to a marriage, copies and original
  • Identity cards of the witnesses, copies and original
  • Family book, copy and original

Documents required for marriage for foreign nationals or expats in UAE:

  • Passport
  • Valid residency permit, copies and original
  • Birth certificate, copy, and original
  • Proof of civil or marital status e.g. single, divorced, or annulled (any document provided as proof of civil status must be attested by Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs from the country of the applicant, the foreign country’s UAE embassy or consulate and UAE Ministry/Department of Foreign Affairs)

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Marriage Lawyers in UAE

In the UAE, marriage is a legally binding contract as much as it’s a romantic affair. Ignoring the legal aspects that are associated with marriage in UAE will only put you and your partner at risk. We here at Dubai Court Marriage retain the top marriage lawyers in UAE in order to provide ease and convenience in going through the marriage procedure in the country. If there are certain issues that arise, may it be marriage requirements in UAE which are common occurrences, our team of legal experts will help you in sorting them out so you can successfully tie the knot.

The goal of our team is for them to save you a ton of trouble and help ensure you marry your future spouse in one of the most sought-after locations for getting married, the United Arab Emirates. Call us today!

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